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Ahmediyyas: Let them be-NIE article

In National on September 30, 2011 at 9:58 am




I got a tip-off on my phone last Friday from a source who sent me an SMS about a protest that was about to happen in an hour at the Constitutional Club in Delhi.

The message said the protest was against Qadianis and would be led by All India Muslim Personal Law Board member Kamal Farooqui. But what was the protest really about, I messaged him back (since many protests in our democracy are often without any particular cause). He replied with just the mobile number of Mr Farooqui.

So, I dialled Mr Farooqui, introduced myself and asked him about the protest. In a hurried manner, he told me to come to the venue immediately as the “Qadianis are not real Muslims and are organising some exhibition related to Islam”.

Even as the “real Muslims” bit had already, in my mind, partly stripped the protest of its genuineness, I still went ahead to the Constitution Club. To be fair in my reportage, I first decided to check out the exhibition and see for myself if there was a case for blasphemy. As soon as I reached the venue, I saw a fairly large number of cops manning the gate, but not stopping anyone from walking in.


I couldn’t find any signs of protest though — no crowds, no sloganeering, no placards. I walked past the gate, and saw a sign announcing an exhibition of the Quran, being organised by the Ahmediyya community (Qadianis are also known as Ahmediyyas; it is a sect of Muslims which is declared “non-Muslim” in Pakistan and is allegedly persecuted in Islamic countries such as Iran for their “blasphemous” interpretation of the Quran; in secular India, they freely practise their faith).

via Ahmediyyas: Let them be – Indian Express.


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