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Jihadi’s ultimate aim is an Islamic Caliphate By Jothish Nair

In National on September 30, 2011 at 1:49 pm



International terrorists outfits like Al-Qaida, Taliban, Pakistani based outfits Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Harkat ul Jihadi Islami(now predominantly Bangladeshi), Harkat-ul-Ansar,  Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Jamat-ul – Dawa, Indian out fits like Indian Mujahideen, Al-ulama(Tamil Nadu), SIMI, NDF and  Popular Front(Kerala),  Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, Pakistan army, Individuals like Dawood Ibrahim, Imam Bukhari and Abdul Nasser Ma-adani  – all have one aspiration – to establish an Islamic Caliphate that would extend from Spain to Indonesia. China and India are the Major attraction of these forces that are dreaming of a caliphate, solely because of the huge non Islamic population in these countries.

Jihadi  terrorism has to be handled as a larger issue than a fiasco that is limited to bomb blasts series. India has to take notice of this very seriously now. The Indian government, at the behest of some people within the government and due to its indulgence in petty vote bank politics had been reluctant in fighting the Jihadi terror effectively. The first instance of the shoddy politics that the government indulged in was on the Samjyokta express blast. Initial investigation by intelligence agencies found out that it was the handy work of Lashkar-e –Toiba. The renowned diplomat Amb. K.C.Singh  has been echoing this for long. But the government  playing either at the hands of someone with vested interests or for petty political reasons sabotaged the entire thing and charge sheeted Srikant Purohit and co. The entire episode only helped Pakistan to use Samjyokta blasts to counter India’s grievances on Pakistan’s role in the terrorist’s activities in India. Hopefully the truth in this matter will come out in due course of time.

The second instance was the Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh’s interference to sabotage the investigations into the various blasts. Whether it be blurting out the conspiracy theory on 26/11 Mumbai carnage or it be the Batala house incident where he deliberately was trying to protect the accused by going to Asamgad and there by inviting the Human rights groups and media like Tehelka to interfere in the entire affair, he has only nurtured the activities of the Jihadis. The police and the agencies investigating not only lost its confidence but also became incompetent.

Rahul Gandhi’s belittling the activities of Jihadi terrorist groups and blowing up a fright of an imaginary “saffron terrorism danger”, has been clearly the policy of this Government as well.   The mercy petition of Afsal Guru was boxed up at the behest of Sonia Gandhi and Ghulam Nabi Azad to buy time, is another instance where the UPA Government’s dormancy in dealing with terrorists was evident. Kasab’s case is well known.  He is in liberty of spitting at judges without the fear of being reprimanded. Government’s money that should have gone to the welfare of the poor is spent on Kasab’s biriyani and security. Thadiyantevida Nazir who is in jail, sentenced for Kozhikode bomb blasts has been given pen and paper in Kannur central jail to write letter to the LeT commander Sarfraz Nawaz. NIA came to know only of the incident after the letter was seized from an inmate called Riyaz who was in jail for theft.

Abdul Nasser Ma-adani who is in jail in connection with Bangalore bomb blasts was given a hero’s welcome by both the Congress led UDF and CPI-M led LDF after his jail term in connection with Coimbatore bomb blast , was curtailed with the help of joint resolution by UDF and LDF in the assembly .  The leftists further utilized his coalition to win the 2006 election in Kerala. Oommen Chandy the present Chief Minister of Kerala was quoted by Wikileaks thus- ” The Marxists led LDF won the 2006 elections by communalizing and exploiting the softer emotions of the Muslims of the state”.

Kunhalikutty , the General Secretary of Muslim League(the biggest ally of Congress in Kerala) allegedly sabotaged the CBI  Inquiry into the Marad(a fishermen hamlet near Kozhikode in Kerala) massacre to help the Terror group NDF. His party man M.K.Muneer had disclosed this to the American consulate officials according to Wikileaks.

The conditions in India are encouraging for the Jihadis to grow exponentially, thanks to the minority vote bank politics practiced by the Congress, leftists and parties like RJD and SJP. If the Government continues to be dormant on Terrorism and the political parties go on with striking deals with terrorists for petty political gains, then an Islamic Caliphate is within an arms reach at least in India.



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