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NDTV Projects RAHUL as the saviour again, this time he is “correcting” the planning commission

In National on September 30, 2011 at 4:53 pm


Seems like NDTV is in a mission to make RAHUL a Hero once again, as many of its attempts in the past had only helped him to be a Zero ….Just see the choice of words…

The Planning Commission is said to be facing flak from none other than Rahul Gandhi, over its recent affidavit in the Supreme Court, which said Rs. 32 is all you need as an individual to be above the poverty line.

According to sources, Rahul Gandhi called eminent members of the Planning Commission seeking answers. Sources have also told NDTV the Planning Commission will meet on October 3 and will file a fresh affidavit in the Supreme Court making its stand clear.


With an allegedly irate Rahul Gandhi, members of the Planning Commission will hope their plan of a socio-economic census can provide some answers on how to better help the less privileged.

via Sources: Rahul Gandhi intervenes; Plan panel to rethink on Rs 32 poverty line.

  1. why u ppl r makng a useless fellow a hero i jst dnt understand

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