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NewsOfDelhi under fire, responds to Digvijaya’s charges

In post on October 1, 2011 at 11:45 am

Congress general secretary recently approached Delhi Police against the hate mails and many defamatory remarks being used against him by the people, in which he has named 22 people and 8 websites. He also said, “He is in acute mental pain due to this. He is also hurt with the response of people.”

I think, Digvijay Singh should also file a complain against him for using defamatory remarks against many. He supported Osama Bin Laden, lied about the Hemant Karkare’s conversation with him, accused in corruption cases, made false allegations against Hindu organizations in nuns rape case, accused social activist Anna Hazare of being RSS man and has made many more objectionable remarks against plenty of people.

These might be the news which gave digvijaya acute mental painn



The website also uses the term DIGGYLEAKS and gives quotes of Real digvijaya singh,…


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