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NNN editorial by @nationalizer : Hate begets hate

In National on October 1, 2011 at 5:40 pm







“Digvijay Singh on Thursday approached the Delhi Police with a complaint against the hate mail, objectionable pictures and abusive comments posted against him on social networking sites. He named 22 people and eight websites. Sources said some people have used “defamatory language against Singh or have posted phrases talking about his character”. In his complaint, Digvijay Singh said the content on the internet has caused “acute mental pain and agony to him, his family members, friends and colleagues. The same is also causing grave damage and injury to the reputation, goodwill and image of the Congress”.

This was reported by Times of India, in their website, what was hilarious to see was the same article which reported this news was welcomed by the readers with more and more abuses which Digvijaya would have never seen in the websites which he complained it caused “acute mental pain and agony”. Will quote some of the abuses, here to just let you know how people hate Digvijaya.

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