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Open letter to PM of India « nationalizer

In National on October 1, 2011 at 3:55 am





Dear PM of India,

Err, let me start by informing you that I am an aam aadmi, in whose name your government has come into power, so I do not know how to write an official letter to the Prime Minister of this great nation, forgive me if you feel this letter of mine is “immature“. Let me come to topic.

2009 was the first General election which I first exercised my right as a citizen to vote a party to government. Do not in your weirdest dreams, think that I voted for you, but now I feel very proud that I did not vote for you. Now please do not call Digvijaya to know whether I am an RSS terrorist. There are a million others who did not vote for your government. Now, I only wanted to give an Idea about my age, which is one fourth of your age and half the age of “youth icon” Rahul Baba. Hope you could calculate my age now, as there is a rumour around that you have got a doctorate in economics.

So I heard that you are on a foreign official tour, i….

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