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Read about Narendra Modi ‘s interaction with Kids on teachers day..!

In National on October 1, 2011 at 11:56 am

Q: Do you want to be child-like when you are amongst us?

Ans: Anyone and everyone like to be a child. The innocence and energy you feel as a child is something unique and unmatched. God has given children a special strength ā€“ of not having an ego. So, for a child it is never too difficult to correct a mistake. Children can do it easily, and can also keep in mind not to repeat the same. Seeing their carefree nature, joy and happiness all of us desire to be like them.

Q: In today’s scientific age, what advice or suggestions do you have for kids like us?

Ans: Curiosity is a very important trait required in students. I appeal to all teachers to treasure and nurture the curiosity intrinsically present in children, and go an extra mile to help them find right answers.

via Official Blog site of Narendra Modi | Chief Minister Government of Gujarat |.


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