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Why did PM Manmohan Singh reject Karnataka Govt.’s invitation to launch First Phase of Namma Metro?

In karnataka on October 1, 2011 at 6:27 am

The foundation stone for the Phase-1 construction of the prestigious Namma Metro of Bengaluru was laid by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on June 24, 2006, and construction on the line between MG Road and Baiyyappanahalli commenced in 2007 . After a series of delays and number of deadlines, the Karnaraka Govt. announced that Metro will be launched after 6th Oct but before 26th Oct and wanted PM Manmohan to dedictate it to the nation, thus showing how the Metro project under BJP rule in Karnataka made a significant progress. The Honourable Chief Minister, Shri D. V. Sadananda Gowda had personally invited Manmohan Singh when he met PM for the first time after taking over as Chief Minister, which the PM accepted and asked for an official Letter from the Govt. of Karnataka. The GoK did the same and also sent Hon. Transport and Home Minister Shri. R. Ashoka to invite PM to launch the already delayed Namma Metro Project. But the PMO (read PM) rejected stating that The Chief Minister had to invite the PM and not his cabinet colleague. But when one looks in depth into the matter, he can easily understand that there is a much bigger reason to reject. The foundation for Namma Metro project was laid along with Mumbai Metro, with Mumbai’s foundation being laid in the afternoon and Bengaluru’s in the evening. Mumbai Metro had and has an upper hand because both Maharashtra( read Mumbai) and the Central Govt. are Congress lad and obviously woul get huge funds for its implementation. But Mumbai Metro’s progress is known. Also the Hyderabad Metro progress is known. With all this things happening in his Congress ruled States, Manmohan Singh and his boss Sonia Gandhi would not be able to stomach the significant progress made by the Namma Metro project of Opposition BJP ruled Karnataka, which gave huge funds for the project in its annual Budgets. So did our PM showcase his Congressi Nature by rejecting BJP Govt. of Karnataka’s invitaion stating protocol violation.

PM Manmohan Singh to lay foundation for Bengaluru's Namma Metro

  1. Rajneeti above Rashtraneedi..MMS is again a shame to the PMship

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