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Congress Agent – Karnataka Governor’s double standards!! Wants IPS rank conferred on his ADC!!

In karnataka on October 2, 2011 at 10:18 am

Its no more a secret that Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj wrote a  letter to Home Minister R Ashoka  forcing him to accord IPS elevation to his aide-de-camp (ADC) K.C.V. Mane. This reveals how corrupt and sick he is.

Bhardwaj, a veteran Congressman and former central law minister, is pressurizing the Govt. of Karnataka to promote his  ADC K.C.V. Mane to the Indian Police Service (IPS) cadre though he is not eligible.

His recommendation has been rejected twice, once in 2010 by the then director general of police Ajay Kumar Singh and recently by his successor Neelam Achuta Rao. And the Guv. sarcastically  remarked on Wednesday, that Singh got the doctorate after his retirement. Ajay Singh is slated to return the doctorate to the Mangalore University

Now a second letter has been sent to the Home minister. The letter has been forwarded to the State DG&IGP Mr N. Achyuta Rao. The issue regarding elevation of officers from auxiliary services to IPS cadre is pending before the High Court.The state police rules and regulations do not allow change of cadre from armed police to civil police. Only civil police can be promoted to the IPS cadre, which is an all India cadre. (courtesy- TOI)

Ajay Kumar Singh

Hansraj Bharadwaj



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