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Details about Riots in #Rudrapur

In post on October 2, 2011 at 1:19 pm

A few days ago the Sikh religious text was burnt by some muslim extremists . The markets remained closed following the incident for a few days,The police also resolved that matter. The culprits were found out and they happened to be from muslim community.

Two days ago in rudrapur, a koran was found out side temple Torn and with blood stain on it. This incident took place in a already disputed area, which muslims claim belongs to a madrassa. Police investigation is going on about who did that and the muslim community were protesting this for two days.

Today muslims gathered near the mosque, and started burning some shops. Some cops were also injured,as the mob began to throw stones at them . The muslims began to move towards the city. Mean while hindu community members resisted the spreading of muslim mob, The mob began to pelt stones at hindu households too.The hindus retaliated and began to burn shops owned by muslims.

The curfew has been imposed and two were killed in the clashes.

  1. Thanks for sharing the story on web. May peace restore and miscreants are booked asap.
    Pl keep blogging.

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