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Read draft of police complaint (FIR) that pushed Sanjiv Bhatt to custody:Arjun Modhwadia’s role is small but interesting | DeshGujarat.Com

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In 2002 during Godhra riot when I was working in Intelligence Bureau, Shri Sanjiv Bhatt was my Superintendent of Police(SP). I was working with him. Recently Special Investigating Team(SIT) has been formed in connection with Godhra riots. I was called to appear before SIT on 5 April 2011. When they ask about my presence in 27 February 2002, I replied that I was on leave and Sanjiv Bhatt could be knowing this.

On 16 June 2011 when I was on duty of checking vehicles between 14.00 – 22.00 hours, I received miss call on my mobile number 98****** from a mobile number 9978406065. Because (other)call was on on my mobile, I saw miss call from this number. As I use double sim mobile phone, I called from my second sim number 73******** and found police official Sanjiv Bhatt on the other end. He asked me on phone call “Panth have you joined your duty?” I replied positively after which Bhatt asked at what time I would be relieved. I replied that my job would continue till 22.00 hours. Bhatt told me that he wanted to meet me for some work. He asked me to come to his house in the evening after job hours.

Accordingly, after completing my duty I went to my friend Shrenik Dalichand Shah, 6 Vaibhavi bungalow, opposite Hari om complex, New CG Road, Chandkheda and with him we went to Sanjiv Bhatt’s house in car no. GJ-18-AM-9099. Bhatt’s house was between Manav mandir and Gurukul. There was a security person outside his house. I asked him about his sir. He took me inside while my friend Shrenik Shah was sitting in a car parked outside the house. Sanjiv Bhatt saw me and the guard went back to the gate. When I asked Sanjiv Bhatt ‘kem chho’, he told me that amicus curiae was to come to Gandhinagar from the Supreme Court and therefore we need to file a statement. I ask Bhatt sir that I was not informed about this from my office. He told me that he was informed about this on phone call. He added that government and police are not to be briefed about this(filing affidavit). He told me that I would have to sit in his car from Infocity circle at 9.00 am(next day) and from there we would have to go to BSF camp, Chiloda to file statement before amicus curiae about Chief Minister’s meeting of 27 February 2002. I told Bhatt sir that I had already filed statement in this regard before SIT. On this Sanjiv Bhatt sir reacted that I would have to tell amicus curiae that my statement before SIT was filed under pressure of SIT officials. On this I reacted that I will not give false statement. Sanjiv Bhatt with wide(angry) eyes changed the tone and threatened me that the (Modi)government is not going be there for more than two months and CM’s arrest is sure, where you will go in such circumstances? Therefore whatever I tell, you do that. You don’t need to be afraid. If you want more assurance, let me manage your meeting with Arjunbhai Modhwadia who is in direct contact with Congress party and central government. On this I reacted that I am a small person, and whatever I had to say, I had already said before the SIT. It would be good if you don’t harass me now.

After this, Shri Sanjiv Bhatt sir talked over a phone call and told me about visit to Modhwadia sir’s bungalow. When (Bhatt)sir went to change his dress, I told him that with me my friend was there and he was sitting in a car outside the house. (Bhatt)sir told me to call my friend inside. Therefore I called my friend Shrenikbhai inside the house. After coming outside from his house, Sanjiv Bhatt told me that I would have to file an affidavit to help him about his security. When I refused, he again threatened me and therefore I could not say anything. At that time, my friend Shrenikbhai was with me. We directly went to Modhwadia’s house and at that time we had no police security person with us. At Modhwadia’s house, two persons(apart from Modhwadia himself) were present. One of them was having slight beard look.

After this Shri Bhatt sir introduced me to Arjunbhai Modhwadia and told him, “this is K.D.Panth. He was working with me in I.B and he was there with me on 27 February 2002 meeting at Chief Minister’s residence. Arjunbhai you need to help us”. At that time I told (Bhatt) that sir I had nothing in my memory and why you are telling untruth. At that time Arjunbhai told me that I should not fear and I need to say and give statement according to what Bhatt sir dictates. “Now government’s days are over. Modi is to be sent to Sabarmati(jail) within two months”. At that time a beard person told me that we are all with you and you don’t need to worry, suppose if something happens to your job, we would give more than job to you, you need to file affidavit as per Sanjiv Bhatt sir’s dictation. A discussion went on for 15 to 20 minutes on this matter. When we left Modhwadia sir’s house, I told Sanjiv Bhatt sir that he should let me go, but he(Bhatt) replied that he had no time and next day amicus curiae was to come from Delhi. After amicus curiae’s visit there’s no purpose to do anything. Bhatt told me to follow him silently(chup chaap) and asked me that I would not face any trouble therefore I should file affidavit. I asked that I would file affidavit next day, but Bhatt pressurized me to file affidavit at that time only.

After this, I and my friend both were taken to a complex opposite Gujarat High Court on S.G. Highway in car in which we had reached(Sanjiv Bhatt’s house). Four persons including notary and advocate were present there. An old draft was ready in lap top computer. Some amendments were made in that draft and English affidavit was made ready. 11 copies and two sets(five pages in each set) were prepared, tstamps etc were glued and I was asked to sign in presence of notary and advocate. I asked that I need to read what was written there. Bhatt said I need to help him and the details in the document were about helping him. I signed those documents due to fear. Bhatt added that I would not face any trouble or harassment. He said this affidavit would be given to Supreme Court and amicus curiae so that amicus curiae could also know the details. However I was not aware about what was written there in the affidavit. As I had doubts, I told that I would study the affidavits in detail and will send them(afterwards next day), but at this time copies should be given to me. Thus I took five original copies while five copies O/C were kept with notary. I asked that those copies should not be misused and without informing us they should not be handed over to anyone. In my hand writing I gave serial numbers in O/C copy and mentioned that it was O/C and signed on the last page, and one copy was kept by advocate and on that copy O/C was written and on last page there was my signature with writing ‘not for submission’ in English. At that time I went outside with an excuse of smoking and I read that there was no detail about Shri Bhatt’s security(in that affidavit that was signed). Therefore I realized that Bhatt sir had betrayed me and pressurized me through threats and created impression under which I was not given a chance to read and my signatures were taken . Such procedures were completed in early morning.

I clearly state that whatever statement I have given before the SIT officials, only that statement is true. On 17 July 2011 early morning, my signature was taken in affidavit by cheating me without giving me chance to think or read and by threatening me through detention in car, by creating extreme pressure by taking me to Congress leader. I was pressurized to file affidavit before notary and when I read the details of affidavit, I could know the truth. I immediately reached Executive Magistrate, Gandhinagar and filed affidavit narrating how Bhatt sir in what circumstances made me signing affidavit with motive of misuse. When I realized, I filed affidavit by appearing in person before Executive Magistrate.

Thus Shri Bhatt sir called me at his house to meet him, and he had per-decided to give me threats and pressurize me against my wishes and to influence me he took me to Congress leader and compelled me to sign the documents before giving chance to read or understand them.

Photocopies of five affidavits and copy of my affidavit before Executive Magistrate, Gandhinagar are with this. One set of xerox copies are with them, and there’s every possibility of misuse of those copies. At particular time I was fearing and therefore could not file complaint.

Without giving me a chance to think or understand the things, Shri Sanjiv Bhatt called me to his residence, threatened me, put me under dear and compelled me to come with him and detained me. This is criminal act and therefore legal actions should be taken against him and it should be seen that xerox copies of affidavit are not misused. My witnesses are my friend Shrenik Dalichand Shah, notary advocate and others whose name may come out in investigation.

My complaint is correct.

In presence of D.G.Tadvi
Police Sub Inspector
Ghatlodia Police station

Ahmedabad city


Read draft of police complaint (FIR) that pushed Sanjiv Bhatt to custody:Arjun Modhwadia’s role is small but interesting | DeshGujarat.Com.


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