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Sonia’s Rule

In National on October 2, 2011 at 4:32 am

A major controversy has been created with the illness of Ms Sonia Gandhi, President of the Congress party. Almost the entire controversy rests, not on her ailments but the way in which the public has been deliberately kept in the dark.

Barring a few who attend to her on a daily basis, no one knew for sure when she left the country. Nor did anyone know where she had gone and for what purpose. A couple of similar mysterious trips overseas by her and her immediate family members have become quite common. Even if she had to leave on short notice, a press release would have gone a long, long way in curbing the wild speculation that has followed her last trip abroad.

Some of the news doing the rounds is very precise, hence one wonders if all this is authentic news coming efrom an extremely well informed source!

While the internet, especially Twitter is abuzz with various details of her treatment in NY, the print and TV news channels are most surprisingly silent! No one would believe that the media is unaware of her having left the country in early August. A media that can cry hoarse endlessly over BSY, Narendra Modi, Lalit Modi and even the DMK’s 2G role will not write one word about this!

This is a fairly good indication of the way the Media is “managed” in this country by the top office bearers of the ruling party. Obviously, inducements and threats are tools of any management, be it a corporate, political or any other entity. Here, the Congress party with it’s huge resources, one of which happens to be the government machinery, uses these tools to obtain good results. The Income Tax dept, DAVP, the police, Urban Development Ministry which controls large tracts of land etc. are being used -quite intelligently- to control a media that at one time was considered recalcitrant.

Paul Josef Goebbels who was Adolf Hitler’s propaganda manager, never had the tact nor the subtlety with which our Congressmen are carrying out the same job he did almost seventy years ago. Had he been alive he’d have sent his minions to Delhi, in order to learn the art of media management.

All this suppression of information coming from a party that fought for decades to get us our freedom!

If, as a result of all the speculation generated by Sonia’s absence from public view, the Congress has suffered damage, they needn’t blame the RSS for it. Rather they did the RSS-BJP combine a big favor by showing the country, how little Sonia cares for the common man. While she has no qualms in running on to a stage, waving her hand at the illiterate masses kept at a safe distance and asking them for their votes, she never bothered to inform them about departure overseas for essential treatment.

Most commoners (aam admi) like us learn from our mistakes and that’s how we not only survive but move ahead in life. Not so with the Congress party. Suppression of media was there during the Emergency and it’s now with us, once again. Those days it was open and brazen, now the hidden hand does it.

During the Emergency, opposition leaders were all picked up and jailed. Only a few who escaped abroad, were fortunate enough not to rot inside our prisons that had sub human conditions. The rest lay there, not knowing whether they’d ever taste freedom again and if so, when?

The same tactic is being resorted to by the Congress, once again. The only difference is the opposition leaders are being targeted one by one, embroiled in litigation, which drags on forever and the those detained will never get bail. Very unlike in the 70’s when they were all picked up in one large swoop. Now they’re being plucked like cherries, depending on which one is ripe for the picking. All of them will be picked, one day or the other and then there’ll be none!

A rather frightening prospect for those who cherish their freedom.

  1. But, today she is out it seems..!

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