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Desperate Pak Hindus seek asylum, India govt silent

In International on October 3, 2011 at 5:14 am

One hundred and fourteen people belonging to 19 Hindu families from flood-hit Sindh in Pakistan have reached India seeking asylum. They fled their homes after floods struck Sindh province and they were discriminated against during relief and rehabilitation operations. They are staying at Dera Baba Dhwani Das Ashram near Majnu Ka Teela in North Delhi and have requested the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of External Affairs to extend their visas and give them refugee status.

An official from the Ministry of Home Affairs has refused to receive any requests for asylum from these Pakistanis.

Arjun Judeo from Sindh’s Matiari district said that almost all of the 114 people are relatives and are farm labourers. “We do not own any land. We till the village landlord’s land. But the floods have brought devastation to the whole province. Besides poor relief work, diseases like diarrhoea, dengue and malaria have broken out, making our lives miserable. So we decided to come to India to explore the chance of settling here,” said Judeo. “We got visa as pilgrims, but we have requested the Indian government to extend our visa and then consider our request for refugee status.”

via Desperate Pak Hindus seek asylum, Delhi silent.

  1. What’s strange for me is, if they went to india and they had visas means they were able to move from the flood effected area. which they did, but giving it a name of asylum would be wrong because there’s vast majority of Hindu’s in Sindh Province, I personally belong from it, I never saw that Muslim Land Lord’s or hindu Land Lord’s being cruel to them. now if they want to stay in India it is their choice.

    Farhan Imaan

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