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Swamy turns guns on Robert Vadra” article VANISHED from HT

In expose media on October 3, 2011 at 6:54 am

Google search “next is robert vadra” .. HT links appear first, click on it, article deleted.

Check for yourself first… http://www.hindustantimes.com/Swamy-turns-guns-on-Robert-Vadra/Article1-752349.aspx




The original article there was this,,









Dr Swamy’s reaction on this

  1. DNA article ws published long back, but when @Swamy39 talked of #RobertVadra in #2G , FIR is registered by the MoFu’s |
    These MoFu are indulging in silencing every Nationalist force, who dared to speak against Vishkanya Maino and her Kunba.

    We must stand for Dr Swamy and show these psikulars that they can not just threat and silence the nationalist voice.

    Spread the word and follow Dr swamy (twitter handle @swamy39 ) enmass. It is another form of giving support to the man who is fighting people’s fight single handedly.

    #WeStandByUDrSwamy ||

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