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Prof Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Sri Pamulapati Narsimha Rao known popularly as PV was a distinguished multi lingual scholar of excellence from the State of Andhra Pradesh., apart from being the only Telugu leader who has occupied the most prestigious post of Prime Minister of this country .Sri PV played his active part in the liberation movement of erstwhile Nizam State and was nurtured by Late Swami Ramananda Tirtha of Hyderabad Princely State who played a very important role and guided the liberation movement against the oppressing Nizam 7. Sri PV was a Gandhian to the core and till his death remained loyal to the Congress party although the party apparently paid least attention to him in his last years. This is something very great in the present days of cesspool politics that are being practiced where opportunistic leaders change colors frequently as chameleons do. Sri PV became the Chief Minister of AP State having earlier served as the education minister. However, he did not continue as the CM for a full term and moved to Center. The State plotics were not his cup of tea. Thanks to the never ending bickering and grave digging to the serving Chief Ministers in State politics whenever Congress party was in power.

PV had distinguished tenure as a foreign minister and he made a mark as an astute politician and calm and cool negotiator. Premature death of former PM Rajiv Gandhi bolstered him into the chair of the Prime Minister at a very crucial time and he managed to survive a full term as a Prime Minister of a minority Govt with coalition partners who pulled strings in different directions. . However, PV made enemies too in his own party that was inevitable in Indian scenerio where opportunists, back stabbers, scamsters and gravediggers squirm around like germs in a cesspool where every one wanted to be the Prime Minister. Congress party too was no exception. The alleged scams and charges of paying money as bribes stood between PV and his political future. However, he came out of these clean recently not before he was humiliated, mentally tortured and subjected to negligence by his own party. Fall of Congress Govt, Rise of BJP and return of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to the center stage of congress politics pushed PV into a state of oblivion. He faced all humiliations and court cases with courage and determination and even a novice in politics knows that he did not receive any support from his own party that he served with dedication and sincerity for decades.

At last, PV has to leave having done his bit to the nation to his best capability. Unfortunately when he was admitted to the hospital in New Delhi, some of the leaders were too enthusiastic and eager to announce his death and even passed a condolence message in hurry. PV in his typical amicable style announced from the hospital that he was still alive and these leaders had to wait for some more time. A tragedy indeed. At last the spirit of PV left his tired and worn-out body hoping that at least after his death, his mortal remains would be confined to flames in a befitting way at New Delhi with all dignities. Sadly, it was not to be as the future events proved. Alas! Fate however laughed at him in death too. The last request of PV to be cremated at New Delhi was not granted and his body was sent to Hyderabad for a State funeral. The former Indian Prime Ministers who all died while in position (Except Rajeev Gandhi) were cremated on the Yamuna banks at New Delhi. Including Sanjay Gandhi who was only an MP who died in an aircraft accident. It is very strange that the mortal remains of a distinguished Prime Minister were packed off to Hyderabad Ways of Indian politics are really weird indeed.

The body of Late PV had to further go through the ordeals and hiccups before it was confined to flames with the mandatory gun salute. At Gandhi Bhavan the citadel of Congress party in the State, the cartage was delayed at the gate for the reasons known best to the leaders concerned. At last, his sons under the overall supervision of Army consigned PVs body to the flames. However, the greatest insult to PV was still awaited even after his death. His half burnt body with head, shoulders, Torso intact was left lying on the pyre while the flames died down . There was none to care to ensure that the body was completely reduced to ashes. Some passers by aghast at the sight informed the authorities who rushed to the spot to complete the formalities. The photograph of the ghastly sight of the half burnt body staring at the sky was published in the newspapers. It looked as if PV was feeling sorry for the way the leaders treated him in his last journey and it was the misfortune of the Telugu people to witness such events. The distinguished scholar Statesman from our Telugu land had to meet most humiliating treatment at the hands of our leaders during his last journey after rendering most distinguished service to the nation. It speaks very low of Telugu people as a whole. I am sure at last the soul of PV must be happy and relieved of thankless people around him in the political field. All sane persons would surely miss him in years to come. We are definitely deprived of a Statesman scholar and such persons are born once in a while in this world amidst gangsters, criminals, cheats, thieves, gravediggers, opportunists, pseudo politicians, camp followers and sycophants who are masquerading as leaders in politics. It is high time we build a befitting memorial to late PV in the City of Hyderabad irrespective of political affiliations. PV deserves it than any one in the State.

With half burnt body left on the funeral pyre staring at sky the Statesman was left high and dry by our thankless men.It was the day of eternal shame for our State.The insults to the great man are difficult even to pen.

  1. Every dog has its day. Usually people don’t remember evil. People worship Bhagwan Ram because he was symbol of goodness . Narsimha rao was plain evil. There r plenty of evidences. His death is a proof in itself .

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