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Team Anna launched a blistering attack on the Congress

In post on October 8, 2011 at 6:43 pm

Team Anna on Saturday launched a blistering attack on the Congress ahead of the October 13 Lok Sabha bypoll here, asking voters to inflict a”historic”defeat on the party for not bringing the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Addressing a gathering at Narnaund town of Hisar Lok Sabha constituency,Kejriwal sought support from the people of Hisar to vote against the Congress and others who indulged in corruption.

Kejriwal said Hazare twice sat on a fast for the Jan Lokpal Bill but the Congress-led UPA government was yet to bring it in Parliament.

“You will have to inflict a historic defeat on the Congress. If you defeat the party (in the bypoll), this will be Anna’s victory,”he told the gathering.

“The Congress party does not want to send corrupt people to jail. It does not want to take any action against them either. That is why they are opposed to the Jan Lokpal bill,”he told a well-attended public gathering.

People in the gathering shouted slogans of support for Kejriwal and Team Anna as he listed various issues against corruption before them. via http://www.indiareport.com/India-usa-uk-news/latest-news/1098419/National/1/22/1

  1. Dr.Swamy on Saturday threatened to move court against Delhi Police if it does not provide to him by tomorrow a copy of the FIR

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