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Bhatt ‘twisted’ reward order to show cop’s presence on Feb 27, 2002: DGP – Indian Express

In Gujarat on October 10, 2011 at 4:09 am

Gujarat Police has contradicted arrested IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt’s claims about constable K D Panth’s presence on February 27, 2002, saying he had “twisted” the original reward order to support his case.

Bhatt in his affidavit submitted in the Supreme Court had stated that he attended the meeting at Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s residence on the night of February 27, 2002. He added that he had gone to Gandhinagar along with Panth and his official driver, Tarachand Yadav, that day. And later, he officially rewarded Panth, then an assistant intelligence officer with the State Intelligence Bureau, with Rs 500 for his service till late night on that day. Bhatt was Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence at that time.

But In-charge Director General of Police Chitranjan Singh has said that Bhatt’s version of official reward was “twisted” from the original reward order, which is dated March 28, 2002. “The reward was not for duties discharged for one day, but for the days that followed February 27, 2002. Bhatt has presented the official order, originally in Gujarati, in twisted manner to show that Panth was present on February 27. The reward was for a stretch of period after February 27 and not for one day,” Singh said.

via Bhatt ‘twisted’ reward order to show cop’s presence on Feb 27, 2002: DGP – Indian Express.

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