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Rahul Gandhi rode pillion on criminal’s bike !

In National on October 17, 2011 at 3:36 am

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi, who recently visited Bharatpur in the wake of riots there, has come under attack by the main opposition party BJP for riding with a “criminal” on his two-wheeler.


Gandhi sat pillion as Congress worker Asif, also known as Billa, rode him to the affected village on his motorcycle on Sunday. However, according to local BJP leaders, Billa is not just a Congress worker, but is a history-sheeter as per Rajasthan Police’s records.


Billa claimed that Gandhi’s secretary called him up and requested to drive Rahul around in the riot affected areas.


The BJP made an issue out of it, while the Congress played it down.


Former minister and BJP MLA Digamber Singh said, “Rahul Gandhi along with Sharfu went to pay condolences. He was seen riding on Billa’s bike who is a notorious criminal.”


In fact, not only Billa accompanied Rahul, but Sharfu — another alleged gangster of the area — also accompanied Gandhi.


Billu is allegedly the leader of a Mewat-based gang and there are many cases against him registered in different police stations. He has also been to jail in one of the cases. On the other side, Sharfu has a case of kidnapping against him and there is a court warrant pending against him.

via Rahul Gandhi rode pillion on criminal’s bike, alleges Rajasthan BJP : North: News India Today.


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