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Hindus Persecuted in Bhutan,Indian media and govt ignored them

In National on October 19, 2011 at 3:56 pm

By Rajiv Malik, New Delhi

Nineteen years ago, one hundred thousand Hindus–one-sixth of the population of Bhutan–left that country in a massive exodus to escape vicious persecution. Bhutan’s Drukpa majority, followers of Tibetan Buddhism, declared the Hindus, who migrated to Bhutan a hundred years ago, to be illegal immigrants. They were stripped of rights, then attacked and finally forced to leave the country. Refused sanctuary in neighboring India, the refugees reached Nepal and have been living ever since in “temporary” camps, ignored by the Indian press and knowing little but unfulfilled hope, anger and resignation.

These Bhutanese Hindus are the latest large group to have been accepted for asylum in the United States. Beginning in 2008, thousands began to leave the camps for cities all over America. While a few other countries have agreed to take some refugees, a full 60 percent will go to the US.

via Special Feature: America, Here We Come – Magazine Web Edition > January/February/March 2010 – Publications – Hinduism Today Magazine.


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