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A must read article on Ramanujan’s 300 Ramayana

In National on October 24, 2011 at 5:09 pm

The old suspect, A.K. Ramanujan emerges out of the woodwork on Outlook’s pages. The magazine’s leader to this article says:

…in a pocket of the Delhi University, right-wing student activists have taken exception to this essay by the celebrated scholar A.K. Ramanujan, on the many Ramayanas living across languages and narrative genres, each different but no less legitimate than Valmiki’s epic.

Given that right-wingers are always at fault, let’s see what this inebriated celebrated essay says. The Outlook essay is a condensed form of the complete version found here. Where relevant, this post quotes from both sources.

Ramanujan dwells on why he has used the word tellings of the Ramayana instead of versions or variants.


Read more here

via Ramanujan’s Ramayana « The Rediscovery of India.


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