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(1) Diwali ka Diwala

In National on October 25, 2011 at 6:21 pm

How will it look tht you go 4 sum1’s bday party…dance to music…meet ur frnds n relatives…eat upto the neck nd without evn noticing (wht to speak of wishing or giving sum gift) the person whos bday party u came 4, u just leave? Sry wrng question..we hav become so self centrd tht we wont undrstand othrs pain. I wil say what if the same thng happens to you? Ppl cm to ur bday, hav a good time nd just leave without evn glancing at u once, hw wil u feel? You wil surely feel bad. Isnt it? So hav we evr thought how god must be feeling whn we ignore him. 

Diwali was celebrated by the ppl of Ayodhya to welcome Lord Ram back to the kingdom aftr his exile. Such a holy festival. Bt whn v celebrate, Ram is out of the picture. Dnt you feel its wrong. God doesnt need our recognition bt isnt it our duty to atleast pay sum respect to him on his day? R we so shameless, selfish and self centrd?
I would say tht thr is no harm in enjoying a festival, but plz dont kill the soul of the festival. So nw whn u burn a crackr, chant the name of Ram while doing that. (atleast pray once) 🙂 Coz only Ram wil b with u in your darkest hour.
Sukh ke sab saathi
Dukh me na koi
Mere Ram Tera naam
Ek hi sachcha
Duja na koi…

Jai Sri Ram.  (1) Diwali ka Diwala.


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