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Dharma and Lean Management

In National on October 27, 2011 at 5:43 pm

For some time now, the similarities and linkage between the concepts of Dharma and Lean has fascinated me.


Eastern philosophies have distinguished themselves from “Abrahamic” or monotheistic belief systems in one glaring manner – the former has emphasised the adherent’s self purification through one’s own efforts and thereby and through such a manner connect with outer concentric realities to ensure self realization and worldly balance. We’ll call these philosophies, Dharmic; whereas the latter have prided upon divine guidebooks revealed to messiahs of Yahweh or Allah, whose divine instructions their adherents need to follow to win the prize of heaven. When viewed logically, the chances that the eastern adherent will reflect using reason, intuition, experience etc in order to improve self and surroundings are more as compared to the adherent who will refer to his guidebook for answers.


Let’s now take a look at Lean. The essence of Lean Management made famous by Toyota Corporation through its Toyota Production System, is to realize customer satisfaction and delight through continuous improvement of production and quality systems, not excluding human personal safety. This means any company that adheres to principles of Lean will aim to continuously identify and remove wastes that impede quality and efficient production with reference to customer demand, i.e. Takt time. This system demands involvement of all employees within that company’s various inter-connected departments to visualize their common goal and work towards it using the Lean Management system in place – always observant of waste and with an eagle eye on customer demand.


Clearly, my hypothesis rests on the undeniable similarity between Dharmic- self-improvement and Lean’s- removal of material(visible/invisible) waste. So all things considered, how do these work seperately and how can they come together in synergy?



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