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HD Kumaraswamy holds a press conference to tell that his family is not guilty of Irregularities in UKP.

In karnataka on October 29, 2011 at 4:51 pm

Former chief minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy yesterday held a press conference in Bengaluru regarding the FIR filed in Vidhan Soudha Police Station regarding irregularities in the Upper Krishna Project that was executed during his father, former PM HD Devegowda’s tenure as CM. But the fact was the FIR filed by Dy SP of the CID wing of Karnataka police doesn’t name anyone. But Shri Shri KumaraSwamy was very quick to explain that his father did no wrong. What does this indicate?? Is he and his father guilty of what they did 14 years back??  They are being haunted by the Upper Krishna Project. Devegowda instead of inviting tenders for the project, gave piece works to different companies. Also, Kumaraswamy dared the CID Police officials not to interfere in Devegowda’s family’s works. He publicly threatened CID police chief thet he would not be spared. He was indirectly hinting at Shankar Bidri, CID Police Chief. Shouldn’t Kumaraswamy be arrested for publicly threatening a person, that too a senior IPS officer?? 


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