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Attempts to convert Hindus through advertisements going on openly in Mumbai’s local trains ! – Conversions | hindujagruti.org

In National on October 31, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Dombivali (Maharashtra) : Mr. Arun Kulkarni, a seeker of Sanatan Sanstha was travelling in a train from Kopar to Thane when he saw an advertisement displayed in his train compartment. A contact number was given in the advertisement; therefore, he contacted the number and realized that it was a ploy of conversion. (Hindus must realize the truth that Congress, which is controlled by a Christian Party President, would never pass a law to stop conversions; therefore, Pope could come to India and brag about converting whole nation; its outcome is conversion of 8,00,000 Hindus to Christianity every year. Pro-Hindu organizations should now resolve to uproot conspiracy of conversion. – Editor SP)

There was a sentence in the advertisement as ‘30 days in ICU’ shown with a man being blessed by another person and there is big crowd in front of him. After that, it was written as ‘Out of ICU after 30 days’ along with an address and a contact number (which was 65009701/ 02/ 03).

On reading this advertisement, Mr. Kulkarni thought that it must be a ploy of conversion and he called up the number given in the advertisement. Mr. Kulkarni said, “I am a person in distress. I am calling you with the hope of getting some help after reading your advertisement.” The person speaking on the other side made a thorough enquiry of Mr. Kulkarni and gave one address calling him there for prayers. The person was speaking to him very politely. Mr. Kulkarni was asked to go to ‘Indian Education Society, Manik Hall, near Leelavati Hospital, Bandra (W)’ on Wednesday at 5.45 p.m. for prayers. Mr. Kulkarni asked that to which God prayers were made. The person said that prayers were made to Jesus and people belonging to all religion go to them. (Hindus should understand the ploy of Christians to make use of helplessness and distress of Hindus so as to cheat them. For the past so many years, Hindus are being deceived and converted in this manner. There is remedy for every problem in the supreme Hindu Dharma still Hindus are falling for the conspiracy of Christians owing to lack of ‘Dharmashikshan’, ‘Dharmabhiman’ and ‘Dharmacharan’. This shows the importance of Dharmashikshan and why Sanatan is making efforts for imparting the same. – Editor SP) Attempts to convert Hindus through advertisements going on openly in Mumbai’s local trains ! – Conversions | hindujagruti.org.

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