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Believe it or not, this reply comes from Mahatma’s Great Grandson @tusharG

In National on November 1, 2011 at 3:08 am

Rebecka Saudamini Arnes, 34, born in India and adopted by a Swedish couple from Mumbai, has been searching for her biological mother for nearly four years now. A pursuit during the course of which, she says, she has been at the receiving end of some very nasty emails on her birth from Tushar Gandhi, the great grandson of the Mahatma, whose family was apparently instrumental in her adoption.

In August this year, Arnes, a psychiatric nurse working in Hoor, Sweden, moved the Bombay High Court, seeking its help to get more information about her mother, who is believed to have surrendered her as a two-day-old baby at Shraddhanand Mahila Ashram in Matunga.

Annexed to Arnes’s petition is an email exchange between her and Gandhi, during which Gandhi asked Arnes to stop bothering him. Arnes has contended that her adoption was facilitated by Gandhi’s parents Arun and Sunanda, who helped a number of Swedish couples adopt Indian children before themselves migrating to the US. Arnes says she sought the help of Tushar as he still lives in Mumbai.

In one reply to Arnes’s email, Gandhi wrote on January 29, 2010: “I don’t think your biological father was a person able to live up to his responsibilities that’s why he abandoned your mother after having sex with her, maybe repeatedly, and left her with an unwanted pregnancy. Generally mothers love their babies from the time they conceive but your mother cursed every minute that you were growing in her.”

“I am sure she must have desperately tried to get rid of you, would have cursed you after every failure. She must have felt greatly relieved when she found the Drs (doctors) at Parle Hospital who let her get rid of the curse which was growing inside her,” the email adds.



via ‘Your father abandoned your mother… who should have aborted you’ – Indian Express.


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