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in the name of allah.

In National on November 1, 2011 at 10:23 am

The Believing Woman & The Disbelieving woman are Not Equal.
The Situation of the Muslim (believing) woman and the situation of disbelieving (Non Muslim) woman are not equal.

The Muslim (believing) woman, who perform Salah, gives Charity, Fasts, Prays Qiyam al-lail (Night prayer), observe hijab, Obeys her Husband, fear her Lord, seeking help with patience and As-Salat, is kind to her neighbors, and is compassionate towards her Kids. So she is to be congratulated for great reward, Tranquility, and contentment.

The disbelieving (Non Muslim) in the land of disbelief is a woman who makes a wanton display of herself; she is ignorant and foolish, a mere fashion model, a cheap and worthless product on offerin all places. She has no value, honor or religion…

“So do not become weak, nor be sad and you will be superior if you are indeed (true) believers” Qur’an (3: 139) Surah Al-Imran.                                                                     (we natnewsnet believes such ideology is dangerous for our nation so let us expose them and aware our country men.)





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