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Who are helping the Beggar CHARLIE ? #SoumyaMurder

In National on November 2, 2011 at 6:58 am

On February 1 when 20-year-old Soumya was pushed out of a speeding train, raped, attacked and left to die on the tracks with fatal injuries everyone thought of the one-handed accused Govindachamy as a mentally deranged beggar.

But, who is Govindachamy? A real beggar? A mentally deranged wanderer? Or a psychopath who planned and executed his attacks on women to perfection, particularly, those travelling alone?

The mystery revolving around Govindachamy’s background deepened further when a powerful team of advocates headed by B.A. Aloor appeared on his behalf at the fast track court in Thrissur which found him guilty on Monday.

People were mystified because they never thought a “beggar” like Govindachamy could even afford to hire expensive advocates to defend his case in court.

The unexpected arrival of Aloor and his team had, in fact, sparked off speculations that Govindachamy was being financially helped by those with big money who are part of a racket that comprises ruthless thugs involved in big time extortions.

via Playing devil’s advocate? | Deccan Chronicle.


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