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Justice Katju’s comments which provoked media, read them here

In expose media on November 3, 2011 at 3:40 am

I have a poor opinion about the media. 
They are not working for the interest of the people. And sometime they are positively working in an anti-people manner. 
Indian media is, very often, playing an anti-people role.
Very often the media divides the people. I think it is deliberate action of the media to divide the people on religious lines and that is totally against the national interest. 
TV channels show astrology which is pure humbug
The general run is very low and I have a poor opinion of most media people. Frankly, I don’t think they have much knowledge of economic theory or political science or literature or philosophy. I don’t think they have studied all this. 
You want to sensationalise something you want to capture without proper investigation. You must do proper investigation and research before you publish all this. 
Very often I find those debates totally frivolous. First of all there is no discipline

The majority, I’m sorry to say, are of a very poor intellectual level, media people, I doubt whether they have any idea of economic theory or political science, philosophy, literature, I have gravedoubts whether they are well read in all this, which they should be. 

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  1. Presss Council Chairman Justice Markanday Katju is a retire Sc justice and he knows his duty.Media shouldnot take him as granted or abuse him for their selfish interests.The Editors Guild has criticised him for his statement but it is highly unjustifiedas what he has said is truth and advice to the media from going astray.the media in the last 7 years has gone humbug.They are not a media in true nature but turned blackmailer,brute,abuser and partisan.Mediais the 4th pillar of democracy and if its goes corrupt then democracy turned to autocracy.It is a watchdog on govts faults errors and misgovernance but in the last 8 years it has gone pro govt at all levels.but it is quote necessary for PCI chairman to give them some advice of sanity and neutrality.The media barons and editors would be digging their own grave by going against the advices of Katju.The editors of some emdia houses and TV are at its low and they need to correct themselevs as the power they enjoy by virtue of being partisan and favouring a corrupt party in power,the democracy would be endangered and when voters go full throttle to banish punish the govt they would eb no where.

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