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Media sees a CHAIR between Modi and Advani, calls it proof of the rift between them

In National on November 7, 2011 at 12:55 pm


The above picture is self explanatory about how media always try to mislead public about BJP and the unity among its leaders.

Read the following report from Indian Express..

Arrangements were made in such a way that Modi and Advani would sit on the ornamental chairs, which were kept in the middle of the stage alongside a series of sofas. But, in full view of the public, Modi made way for state BJP president R C Faldu to sit next to Advani as he sat away on the regular seats with his ministers.




Times of India was even worse as usual…

TOI also brings Nitish Kumar to widen the imaginary rift they have created(check the sentences in bold italics)

Rubbing salt into the wounds, Advani namedNitish Kumar, the Bihar CM whom Modi loves to hate, and praised the people of Gujarat while ignoring a mention of its ambitious CM. In fact, the reference to Nitish came almost out of contextAdvani said Nitish would often praise the development of Gujarat when he would visit the state as the railways minister to flag off trains. “I would tell him the people of Gujarat are such that development was natural,” Advani said. Many saw this as an attempt to take away the credit for Gujarat’s growth from Modi..



Can TOI explain how Advani took the credit for Gujarat growth away from Modi ? How can they say it was out of context to talk about Nitish Kumar ?


Now later when Narendra Modi sat right next to Advani, NDTV thought it was just their hallucination , but when they realized it is not, they seem to have consoled themselves with this report..



Narendra Modi later when he saw this news, joked about media. See this video..
















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