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IB, RAW confirms that Kundankulam nuke protest are funded by ANTI NATIONALS, Says Dr Swamy

In Tamil Nadu on November 9, 2011 at 4:15 pm

From his press statement


“Now that the Intelligence Bureau and RAW have submitted reports to the Prime Minister that the anti-Koondankulam Nuclear Reactor agitation has been financed by anti-national, foreign inspired Christian missionaries, aided by the LTTE left overs, the Prime Minister cannot hesitate any more to give a direction to the Tamil Nadu Government under Article 256 of the Constitution, to clear the area around the Nuclear Reactor of all demonstrators, after issuing an eight hour warning to them to leave the area. If the Tamil Nadu Government does not act according to this direction, the Centre must declare the whole Tirunveli and Kanya Kumar districts as disturbed areas and ask the CRPF to take over the administration of the law and order of the area.

Koondunkulam Reactor was about to generate from 20th November the capacity of electricity of 1000 MW and another 1000 MW in February, 2012. This anti-national foreign inspired agitation has caused delay for meeting the schedule and caused great hardship for agricultural and industrial production in the State. Hence the Chief Minister must stop playing cheap politics in the national interest and act before she is forced to act.”

via Welcome to www.Janata Party.org.

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