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Why you should not vote YSR’s son Jagan Reddy,a must read article

In Andhra Pradesh on November 9, 2011 at 5:39 pm

RT from : Save AP, Don’t vote for Jagan.


I am a secular person and I accept all religion Faiths, Given that they follow it from their hearts and they aren’t forced or lured to do so. The following post is not to hurt the religious sentiments of any but to point out certain BLACKSHEEPS that are present in our society. Certain wrong deeds of YSR might have resulted him horrendous Helicopter Crash. That probably explains YSR leading to the worst death among all the polticians in the world in the very same mountains of Lord Venkateswara.

One comment in Indian express Magazine as follows:

Almighty will be merciful to those who are true to themself and allow others to do so.While we feel sorry for YSR,we should not forget the fact that he played a major role in Satyam computers issue,was responsible to sell lands under the Tirumala Devathanam,alloted temple lands to Christian missionaries,even appointed a christian evangelist as Vice Chancellor of TTD college,silently pushed most of his evangelist to higher posts in govt dept,selected evangelist like Nagma, JayaSudha, Joopudi Prabhakar and others for Lok Sabha and was silently converting the whole state into a Christian state.

I was knowing of only one incursion into Tirumala lands, and YSR promoting Evangelism on the Saptagiri. This was taken up seriously by Vishwesh Tirthaji of Pejawar Mutt- the most vociferous spokesman of mainstream Hinduism. It is really a shame that we have to defend our religion in our own country.

If he would be ruling till 2014 and Left to himself he would have converted AP into another Arunachalpradesh (AP) or North Eastern states which are now completly christianised and are creating problem due to insurgency. People with evil mind, spreading lies and converting people with diaboilic motives does not deserve any mercy and GOD will definitley punish when the times come. Let them no arrogate themselfs by duping innocent victims and convert on false promises , luring with money , short term gains etc.

YSR Son-In-Law, Brother Anil used to have a deal with Vatican city which is, Anil would charge on per head and per covnersion basis. He used to Charge anywhere between Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000 per converted person. Brother Anil Team would Video Tape the person getting Baptized and send it to vatican city and in return he used to make wealth. All the missionary deals of K.A. Paul are grabbed by Brother Anil.

The Christian conversion rate in Andhra Pradesh rose from 14% to almost 125% during his Regime and the Christian Population grew from 4% to almost 8%. Most of these are from Krishna, Guntur , East and West Godavari Dists.

It’s strongly believed that both Sonia and YSR had a master plan to make a strong Formidable vote bank for Congress Party by converting people, the trend is observed in all congress ruled states, like Kerala, Maharastra. This is why Sonia said yes to everything YSR asked for. Infact this actually worked and proved to be fruitful, This strong Christian votebank gave the cutting edge difference in winning the 2009 elections. As many as 45 TDP contestants lost by a wafer-thin margin 500 – 2500 votes. It is believed that in any given constituency there are atleast 5000 – 10000 christian votes, which was solidly with YSR led Congress party. Remember before 2004 the Christian votebank was less and they weren’t towards any party and they would vote looking at the local candidate. But the trend took a U-Turn and were blindly voting for christian Messiah YSR. This could be one major reason why the Telugu Desam Party lost and also explains for PRP party. In Rajumandry the MP Murali Mohan lost by just 2500 votes where there are atleast 25000 christian votes. YSR Govt would have lost as many as 50 MLA and 10 MP seats , if they didn’t have Christian votebank with them.

Initially, I thought that it was a wrong allegation. But after Googling some of the sites for its genuinity, Google yourself about ” YSR Christian”, “YSR Convert” You will get all the information.

Another story :- I came to know that YSR was a religious Bigot and i have pasted an information from a post which I read:

Courtesy: Hamsa.org

YSR Plundered Hindu Temples like Ghazini did in History.

In Andhra Pradesh, out of 420,028 acres owned by temples in
Vishakhapatnam, Kakinada, Guntur, Kurnool, Warangal, and Hyderabad, 60,843 acres
were allowed to be occupied illegally by professional land grabbers. The state
government, the inheritor of the responsibility under the HRCE Act to prevent such
actions, did nothing to prevent these incursions, even though it has a staff of over 77,000 people (paid from a 15% charge on temple revenues) to look after temple interests.

InAugust 2005, the state decided to sell 100,000 acres of the Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple in Simhachalam and other nearby temples. On March 14, 2006, the government auctioned 3,000 acres of temple lands in East Godavari district. Proceeds from these sales rarely reach the temples, which have to depend on the same government for doles to light their lamps and pay their priests. 884 acres of endowment lands of the famous Sri Rama temple at Bhadrachalam have been allocated to Christian institutions by the current government.

In Simhachalam, 300 acres belonging to the temple have been allocated for churches and convent schools, who even exercise an illegal authority to stop devotees from visiting the temple atop the hill! There is also an attempt afoot to take over the 500 year old Chilkur Balaji temple.

All these took place during YSR’s Tenure. Although it may sound ridiculous for some Non-believers in GodAtheists, the fact is whomever you are, SIN’S reward is Death and YSR have been succumbed to it due to his bad deeds.

What’s more ironic is that the state with 80% Hindu population can’t stand united and choose a Hindu leader, but they fight among themselves and divide on a stupid caste basis and give way to converts like YSR. The same is with Y.S . Jagan Mohan Reddy.


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