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An open letter to Sagarika Ghose

In expose media on November 11, 2011 at 5:23 am

Dear Sagarika,


I am an ordinary Indian who felt cheated after viewing your show “Face The Nation” last night on CNN-IBN. I myself a young aspiring journalist had looked up to you as a role model even when the dirty role of television journalists was exposed in the 2G spectrum case. With all due respects, I wish to say that you have betrayed my trust and confidence. When you used a pre-recorded interview of H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar in a live panel discussion, you fooled this entire nation by making us believe Sri Sri was coming live on the show and responding real time to your queries. There were even instances in your show when you asked Sri Sri to respond to the point raised by another panel member who was live on the show!

read more here An open letter to Sagarika Ghose.

  1. @sagarikaghose is totally bised in favour of Sonia Maino and christians.Although she believes to be a hindus but a nuisance on hinduism.She is not a journalist but a broker who works on the orders of her christian masters.She is antagonising all hindus of india by her vitilitic attack on Shri Shri.

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