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3 Opp. leaders got paid in 2G: Swamy

In National on November 13, 2011 at 1:59 pm

janata Party president Subramanian Swamy claims that three Opposition leaders got paid in the 2G spectrum allocation scam to defuse attack on the government. He refused to reveal their names, but said he had evidence.

“I can put it on record that there are three important people in the Opposition, but it’s not my work [to identify them]. The government should do it. They [Opposition leaders] also got payments and they were a part of the scam,” claimed Swamy.

Swamy also declared that Robert Vadra, Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, was next on his list of individuals who were going to be indicted in connection with the 2G scam. He also said he had enough evidence to ensure the indictment of Home Minister P. Chidambaram [by the courts] for his role in the scam as the then finance minister.

“Vadra has shares in one of the telecom companies which got the licence, so it’s quite clear that he would be vulnerable. And then it is a question of tracing his disproportionate assets. It’s going to be a big scare for the Congress but not a big surprise,” Swamy claimed. He did not substantiate his claim but added, “I will come to Vadra when I am through with Chidambaram.”

Swamy had moved the Supreme Court in the 2G scam case. He had recently sought and granted permission to see a file on the Unified Access Services Licences (UASL) policy regarding the sale of equity seized by the CBI on 22 October 2009. “If Chidambaram is indicted, if the court considers that there is a prima facie case and the CBI should investigate, which should automatically lead to the trial court making him a co-accused, then I think the government would fall. My estimation is that there is going to be mid-term polls,” said Swamy.

Asked if he intended to introduce any fresh evidence in the court case that would establish his contention more conclusively, he said all the evidence is already presented in the court. “There are two major offences that Raja is charged with. One is the price-fixing of the spectrum in 2001, when the value of the same was about 10 times more in 2008. Now did Raja fix it alone? No. I have introduced evidences in court to prove two points. Firstly, the Cabinet decided during the BJP rule was that two ministers take decisions on spectrum prices, and these two ministers were finance and telecom. In 2008, Chidambaram and Raja were the ministers. Chidambaram was an equal partner, if not a senior partner. As the finance minister, he was supposed to protect the resources of the government. These two decided together and that’s on record. There were four meetings. The minutes of the meeting are being maintained for that. There is a letter dated 21 April 2008 from Chidambaram to Raja that says ‘let’s now decide and go and meet the PM and tell him what we have decided’,” said Swamy.

Secondly, he pointed out the share dilution of Swan. “Raja himself noted in a file that Chidambaram has said that it could be done. Etisalat was a blacklisted company and Chidambaram said yes you can sell it. There was a three-year lock in period that you could not sell your licence. But he said don’t sell your licence; just dilute your shares. And they diluted their shares so much that Swan became Etisalat. He will not be able to defend himself,” said Swamy.

Asked if he felt that the UPA would be able to survive the no-confidence motion, Swamy said it was necessary for the government to fall. “If Chidambaram is indicted, then I think the government will fall. So far they are saying it’s DMK that did this and our coalition dharma prevented us (from taking action). But once it comes to the Congress, it will be difficult,” asserted Swamy.

3 Opp. leaders got paid in 2G: Swamy.


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