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Kerala Muslim league minister refuses to light the lamp

In Kerala on November 20, 2011 at 6:56 am

Kerala cabinet minister Dr. M.K. Muneer, in-charge of Social Welfare and Panchayats, refused to light the lamp nila vilakku at this years’ inaugural ceremony of Revathi Pattathanam, the traditional literary colloquium of Kozhikode Calicut. Tradition maintains that this literary assembly was started in 1309 CE by the Zamorin King of Calicut. Muneer was the proposed inaugurator of the function which held at Tali Zamorin Guruvayoorappan Hall, Kozhikode, on Nov. 9, 2011. The universally accepted practice of inaugurating an event or beginning an auspicious occasion in Kerala is by lighting a lamp. It is a symbolic exercise by which the message of “from darkness to light” is transmitted. Even the oldest Muslim mosque of Kerala, Kodungalloor Cheraman Mosque, still keeps a lighted lamp, nila vilakku. Earlier, several such mosques were there, but now under fundamentalist pressure, such conventions are muted. Revathi Pattathanam, a seven day literary assembly, begins on the day of Revati asterism in the month of Tulam of Malayalam Era October –November. This intellectual colloquium was regularly conducted by the Zamorins in the premises of the Tali Temple of Calicut, except during the days of Tipu Sulthan’s invasion/onslaughts over Malabar in the closing decades of the eighteenth century. Distinguished scholars from all over India participated in the colloquium since its inception. At the end of the colloquium, the Zamorin honoured the outstanding scholars by presenting the title Bhatta along with a cash award.

via Vijayvaani.com.

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