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Crowd & connect at LK yatra finale

In New Delhi on November 21, 2011 at 7:31 am

The turnout at the Ramlila Maidan appeared only slightly short of the crowd Anna Hazare’s fast had drawn as L.K. Advani ended his 40-day Jan Chetna Yatra here this afternoon.

The connect between the speakers and the audience too was unmistakable for the first time in years, ever since the BJP had lost the Delhi Assembly polls in 1997. The slogans sounded throatier and the claps and cheers more animated.

“I have seen many meetings at the Ramlila but never such a gathering,” Advani said.

With the BJP-controlled civic body headed for an election in 2012, local party chief Vijendra Gupta had apparently told the councillors that their ability to muster crowds would be a pre-requisite for re-nomination.

Although the yatra, which traversed 22 states and five Union territories, often got mired in controversies, Advani claimed it had been more memorable than past ones, including his Ram Rath Yatra in the 1990s.

via Crowd & connect at LK yatra finale.


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