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pakistan prepares for war says zaid hamid….watch out India!

In National on December 1, 2011 at 7:20 pm

Allahu Akbar! Battle orders has been released by the Chief of Army staff General Kayani. Now all Pak army formaitons will not have to take permisison from HQ’s to fire at and attack the enemy targets posing threats to Pak Sarzameen and Pakstani Muslims. All hostile threats will be taken out and destroyed by all front line formaitons without needing any further permisison or clearance.

Alhamdolillah, this is what we expetced from our Sipah Salar! The entire Pakistani nation is with the armed forces, shoulder to shoulder, ready to bury the crusaders deep. All US presnece in Pakistani air bases is being eliminated and InshAllah, anti-aircraft batteries would also be moved to the front line.

The orders are both Eastern and western fronts, lest Indians start their day dreaming!

In the Supreme Court also, the governent has directly gone to war with the Chief Justice and Supreme Court. All traitors are ganging together to defend Hussain Haqqani and to block NRO decision of the court. Now it is time for the SC to rise to the challnage and to uphold the justice. SC will fight the govt in the court while the army is now battle ready on eastern and western theatres.

The enemies of Pakistan are in total panic and today even the most rabid snakes in media were talking patriotic laguage as they can see the rope of hangmen around their necks now 🙂 . The reaction from a Muslim nation has shocked and dazed the enemies, alhamdolillah. Be ready. The time has come. A physical war can start without any further notice!


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