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Traffickers carrying 6 ton cow beef thrashed, paraded half naked in Amdavad | DeshGujarat.Com

In National on December 13, 2011 at 5:26 pm

Ahmedabad, 12 December 2011

Traffickers of cow beef were today morning thrashed and paraded half naked in Ahmedabad by cow lovers. They were later handed over to police.

The Vishva Hindu Parishad and ‘Gaurakshak’ team today managed to intercept a truck carrying 6000 kg cow beef near Ahmedabad’s Subhash bridge circle. Few hours ago this team helped making 11 bullocks and 6 buffaloes free from Naroda where they were in abundance. These animals were tied with so much cruelty.

VHP and ‘Gaurakshak’ team workers caught an Eicher vehicle in the early morning at 4 o’clock near Nana Chiloda road. The vehicle had 11 bullocks and 6 buffaloes tied with cruelty. The vehicle drivers Amannulakhan and Azim Khan Pathan(lives at Indiranagar, Narol) were caught by the police while the cleaner Hasan Ahemad Shaikh escaped.

The team then got the information that a matador filled with cow beef would be passing from Subhash bridge circle. Therefore the team reached there in Qualis car.

At Subhash Bridge circle. the team gave a sign to a particular matador but the driver didn’t stop it and kept on driving towards Subhash Bridge. The team then followed the matador and managed to stop it at some distance forcefully.

Four people were caught while trying to run away by jumping from the matador. While checking out the vehicle, a big amount of cow beef was found. Meanwhile the other people gathered around the vehicle and tore out half of their clothes of the traffickers.

VHP worker registered a complaint against these 4 persons, Iqbal Raheem Shaikh(lives at Jamalapur Char Rasta), Mohammad Ibrahim Ekanaali Shaikh(lives near Shahapur Mill Compound), Samasuddin Ramajanali Shaikh(lives near Shahpur Mill Compound) and Naazir Mushir Shaikh(lives near Shahpur Chakala). They all are arrested and head constable Mahendrasinh is inquiring further into this matter.

The matador filled with cow beef was checked deeply and four sharp bullets were also found under driver’s seat.

Four persons confessed that they had come from Mandali near Nandasan with cow beef. In Mandali cows are killed in big number, the informed the police.

Iqbal China and Zibraan are the persons who had asked for cow beef. The main person of this cow beef network, Iqbal Chhipa was earlier found involved in, a cow lover, Haribhai Solanki’s murder.

Traffickers carrying 6 ton cow beef thrashed, paraded half naked in Amdavad | DeshGujarat.Com.


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