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Protect Kanipura Shri Gopalkrishna Temple in Kerala

In National on February 4, 2012 at 6:26 pm

Hindus must realize that their temples are in danger in anti-Hindu Congress regime !

Lord Sri Gopalkrishna Lord Sri Gopalkrishna Temple
Lord Sri Gopalkrishna Lord Sri Gopalkrishna Temple


        Government of India’s Road Transport and Highways Ministry wants to aquire a land in Kasargod District for road widening work of N.H. No. 17 between Kasargod and Mangalore stretch. It requires 2579.15 square meters land which includes the land exactly where ‘Kanipura Sri Gopalkrishna Temple’ is situated. The temple is most ancient and sacred temple in the State of Kerala. Sri Gopalkrishna Temple is a holy pilgrimage centre of Hindus and is also worshipped by lakhs of citizens of Kerala irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.

        ‘Kanipura Sri Gopalkrishna Kshetra Samrakshana Kriya Samithi, Kumbla’ is constituted by the devotees of Sri Gopalkrishna Temple, which consists of renowned personalities of the locality. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways published notification of proposed acquisition of the said land on 8 December 2011 in ‘Mathrubhumi’, a Malayalam Daily Newspaper. It also called for the objections against the acquisitions of the temple land. The Samithi has sent innumerable letters to National Highways Authority of India and Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and all other concerned Government Departments from January 2011.

        ‘Kanipura Sri Gopalkrishna Temple’ is situated at its present location for centuries and its evidences are also available with the Sri Gopalkrishna Kshetra Samithi. As per the history, this temples has its origin in ‘Dwaparyuga’ which means that this temple is exists from at least 5000 years. But still Road Transport and Highways Ministry wants to demolish the Temple just for the sake of road widening. The road can be deviated easily and it will also protect the ancient temple and faith of millions of Hindus worshipping the Deity. It should be noted that Route of Konkan railway was changed so that all small churches at many places including Nhaveli village in South Goa could be saved from demolition. This delayed the completion of railway route by a decade. Even in Pune, widening of road work has been held up as there is a durgah in the way which will have to be demolished. There are many such examples. Now it is the duty of all Hindus to unite and protest lawfully and wholeheartedly against the proposed demolition of the ancient Sri Gopalkrishna Temple.

Protest rally against the Sri Gopalkrishna Temple demolition and a memorandum presented to the Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala


Online signature Drive

To protest against the proposed demolition of the ancient Sri Gopalkrishna Temple, please participate in this online signature campaign and send your protest letters to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and The Government of Kerala.

http://www.hindujagruti.org/activities/campaigns/religious/save-temples/kanipura-temple/ plz do the campaign

Protect Kanipura Shri Gopalkrishna Temple in Kerala.

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