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Slaughter of cow: main cause of Earthquake

In National on February 26, 2012 at 6:04 pm

The devastating calamity of earthquake happens due to collective slaughter of living creature. This statement looks very strange but the renowned scientist of Delhi University Dr. Madan Mohan Bajaj has proved it to be right with help of his two other scientists. Dr. Bajaj has given his glorious research thesis title “Visprabhaw”. Dr. Bajaj placed his important research thesis in June 1995 in one of the international scientist conference held in Sudal town near Moscow, the capital of Russia. This research paper not only created a stir among the scientific but nullified all the theories regarding earthquake. In fact this revolutionary research paper put nonviolence and coexistence on scientific basis and became beginning of the new era.

This research paper on the one hand has inter related science and philosophy in a wonderful manner it has also made clear that earthquake happens because of the follies of human beings and if man wants he can stop earthquake. The research of three doctors, Bajaj, Ibhrahim and Singh actually substantiate Einstein Pain wave’s theory. Radio, T.V. Satellites even explosive atom bomb are moved by vibrations. Not only this, on the basis of vibrations, a Russian Scientist brought the dust from moon by the use of an instrument caused luneokhod by using it from the earth itself. Similarly, earthquake is caused by pain waves.

According to scientists, three types of waves are present on this earth; the primary waves, secondary waves and third are under layer waves. The first type of waves run very fast but the second one with the slow speed at the time of killing of living creatures leave waves emit pain waves. Such pain waves go on increasing and intensifying by more and more killings of the creatures and when the energy of these waves becomes expressive then these waves shake the earth which is known as earthquake.

According to this research it is established that when there is a large scale of slaughter of creature whether human beings or animals and the pain waves are created by these slaughters that is caused Einstein Pain waves and these waves are so powerful that the earth starts shaking which is in common language is called Earthquake.

The research papers state that the relation between the slaughters of the creatures, the earthquake is the same as that of overloading the body with the extra food creates indigestion. It is not essential that earthquake will come where these killings are happening. Earthquake can happen and come in any part of the world because of the effect of those waves. Dr. Bajaj based finding of his research paper on the basis of under given scientific basis:-

i) Seeing of the earthquake light;
ii) Increase of radiations in the under earth water;
iii) The increase of anisotropy of sound and pressure on the rocks; 
iv) Creation of poisonous gases like, fasgene.

Before earthquake, variation in the under land water increases ten times and gets concentrated. This fact has been substantiated by the scientist of Japan & China. As the Einstein Pain waves increase, anisotropy also goes on increasing. What is important to know that Einstein Pain waves are the main cause of earthquake which occur because of the killing of the creatures. It has been established by experiments, E.P. waves continue keep floating and gets power stores in the different layers of the land. By the pressure of E.P. waves, anisotropy increases which puts pressure on the rocks. It increases and causes earthquake.

As the E.P. waves are directly connected with the killing of the creatures, therefore, there is no doubt about the fact wherever there is slaughter houses or where more killings happen there the fear of earthquake will also be greater. But if killing stop, then E.P. waves omission will stop automatically and there will be no apprehension of earthquake. Therefore, the slaughter houses should be closed. Research paper further say that only E.P. waves cause earthquake.

There are many other reasons also like explosion of atom bombs under earth, lava process, construction of water tanks and extraction of diesel and lubricants are also the reasons of earthquake. But the truth is that most of the earthquake takes place because of increase in the E.P. waves which are created because of the killing of the creatures. Maximum numbers of earthquakes are taking place now. Earlier it never happen like that.

The Indian sages and Rishis have taught certain methods and ways to protect themselves from natural and metaphysical calamities but they have not mentioned the destructive calamity of earthquake. It may be at that time earthquake did not happen and even if it occurred they put heavy restriction on killing of the creature. That is why killing of the living beings is considered a heinous sin and the slaughter of cow is considered the worst sin as the killing of a Brahmin.

There are many countries which are beef eaters and slaughter thousands of cows to supply the beef. Most of the countries are creating slaughter houses for exporting the cows. These countries were competing for killing of cow more and more do not know that fallout will be very harmful for the mankind. Every living being has a soul. Therefore, killing of a living being is the indication of destruction of the world. 

Save the Cow Save the Earth!

Jai Gaumata!
Jai Gopal!!
Jai Bharat!!!

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