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We are what we eat.

In National on March 8, 2012 at 7:39 pm
Why make body a Graveyard of Innocent birds & animals?

When we consume flesh it turns blood, blood forms flesh which later develops our mind/intelligence & so we are what we eat.

In Sanatan Dharma we got this practise of offering food to the God before eating, Why?
–Because even the vegetables got a life & Gita clearly mentions a living has to survive on another living. However plants/fruits are meant for us to eat which can be proved logically & scripturally both. Srila Prabhupada says – When we take an apple from a Tree the same twig would reborn a new apple in few months but is there an animal whose leg we chop & he comes up with a new leg?

The reason we offer veg food to the supreme is because God removes the SIN present in those Vegetables who were alive & in return we get sin free PRASHADAM (Without offering food to god we are still eating sin even if its pure Veg). People asks foolishly, so why cant we offer Flesh to God & in return he can remove the sin from those animal also?

Sri Krishna Says in Gita – Offer me Patram/Vegetables, Puspam/Flowers, Phalam/Fruits, toyam/Water with a kind/pure heart (He never said offer me blood/flesh).

It is the prayer which reaches the Almighty & not the Blood, nor he desires for puspam, phalam or toyam but with such offerings he judges the heart of a person who offers him love & passion towards him via such offerings.

Those who claims animals are send by God for us to eat/survive is completely baseless by materially desired humans to gratify their sense of TASTE by killing the innocent, If that was true why would the animal struggle for his own life while he is been brutally killed by stone hearted people?

Why wouldn’t he just surrender if he was really sent by God for us to eat?

They say Blood is prohibited & so we shall not have it, so how is flesh made up of? Is it not made from the same blood? So how can someone remove blood out of flesh or remove flesh out of blood when both are indeed the same?

They say animal do not feel the pain when their throat is been slit with a sharp knife, when the vein of the animal is been slit due to its contraction the animal starts moving/banging his legs/head but not due to pain. So what about the family member of the same animals whose EYEs are filled with tears when his/her family member is been brutally killed in front of his own eyes? We noticed tears in the eye of a baby calf, baby mother & even bulls.

They say God is pleased with such Sacrifices, But never ever God said I can be satisfied with blood indeed he says those who are kind to other living I am kind to them.

To be contd…. with scientific reference on Vegetarianism

||HaRe KriShnA||-by dhaval yash das 


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