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Vande GAU Mataram jai veer dada jasraj

In National on April 14, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Rana Jasraj was elevated to the name Veer Dada Jasraj and he was worshiped as kuladevata by the Lohana caste. In memory of Jasraj, Vasant Panchami (the fifth day of the spring season as per the Hindu calendar) is celebrated as a balidan (martyr day) of Veer Dada Jasraj.

Veer Dada Jasraj is a deity worshiped by LohanaBhanushaliKhati Brahmin, and Saraswat Brahmin community of PanjabSindh,Gujratof Indian Subcontinent.

As per their folk tales, Jasraj, who lived around between 1205 and 1231, was at his wedding mandap when he came to know that enemies were taking away cows, the holy animal worshipped by Hindus. he left his feras and went after enemies to save cows. He was assisted in war even by his own sister Harkor. Although, the enemy from Kabul was eventually defeated, and Jashraj became victorious, he was killed as a result of an enemy strategem. He has ever since been worshiped by Lohanas and Bhanushalis as Veer Dada Jasraj and his sister Harkor Pabaru is worshiped as kuladevi by the Lohana clan.


However, Lohanas today consider Dada Jasraj as their folk-deity or kuladevata and there is a custom to give offerings to the idol of Dada Jasraj, who is shown riding a horse, such as some dates and jaggery. Newlywed brides offer these to Dada Jasraj wearing colorful clothes. Previously it was prescribed to wear only white clothes, while offering puja, but this is a custom which now Lohanas have almost forgotten.


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