Let Noble Thoughts come to us from all sides, News too..

About Us

Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides,news too…

Namasthe Friends,

Nationalist news network is a news collection system which is a non-profit, non professional venture. The main mission is to bring out a parallel media which will report the news of national interests which are deliberately  supressed by main stream media.It is an initiative to collect all the important daily happenings from every part of India, and spread it widely in the social networking sites. This was started many months ago, but today we are  trying to re-launch it. .. 

The basic idea and need of NNN

  • Main stream media do not cover every event even though they are very important.
  • Twitter and other social networking sites contain members from almost every state in India.
  • National news is a collection of local news

The type of news expected in NNN

  • A local happening which has national importance.
  • The debates which are happening in the respective state media.
  • Your articles on the local issue which you think the people from other areas must know.
  •  Links to good articles written by common people (including yourself) of your state on various issues of national interests. Also we would like to have links to local newspaper article which have good articles which you think the whole country should read.
  • Speeches by nationalists: if you have a mobile phone with a sound recorder things will be much easier. Whenever you attend any public functions, just sit near the loudspeaker, with your recorder on, later upload it on web and share the link with us. Also if you are not attending, ask your friends to record the speeches and collect it from them. This way a local speech will go global. You can even record your own voices, speeches; conversations etc. and send it here.
  • Photos and videos: mobile phones with camera will help you here.You can cover political rallies, religious functions anything which you think the whole world should see.

What we do not expect ?

  • We do not want you to waste much time for this dedicate 5-10 minutes each day to report/go through the site.
  • We do not expect any news which is highly sensitive to be put here without discussion with the administrator.
  • As far as possible we should not report things which MSM has already reported and discussed.

How NNN works

  • The NNN collects the news through twitter.
  • We have selected at least one representative from most of the states in India.
  • These representatives are expected to inform @nationalizer about 5 other tweeple who are active in twitter and also nationalistic and those interested in news.
  • The tweeple who represent these states must give atleast one news per day.
  • The collected news links will be put at one single page.
  • The same people shall retweet share the news through social networking sites every day after it is published.

Please comment below your suggestions… and spread the word

  1. To begin with, NNN is a great idea. Been kicked around quite a bit – around various blogs and tweets and private conversations and such.

    Limiting this to bits and bytes on internet has a limited reach. Yes, this is a start. And certainly liked a lot by all the like minded folks out there who have access to net. But a long way to go to really make the impact that makes mainstream media (MSM) get their act straight. NNN should hurt MSM where it hurts most. That’s when things get interesting and may be we’ll see a change desired in the Indian media space.

    Majority of the people exposed to MSM may not have access to Internet. It is this segment that should be made aware of the murky games media plays and the conspiracies it hatches to shape popular opinion to suit their and their pay masters’ shady objectives.So, it is imperative, no sooner than later, for MSM to build up more channels to reach out to them via print media, 24/7 TV etc.

    NNN should initiate such a discussion to invite ideas for expansion, funding for implementing such ideas etc. – lot can be done.

    Good luck !

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