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Happy Yedyurappaji.. Without you, BJP Govt. south of Vindhyas would have been impossible.

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Yeddyurappa was born on 27 February 1943 in the village of Bookanakere in Mandya district in the state of Karnataka; at that time, his name was spelled “Yeddiyurappa”. His father Siddalingappa and mother Puttathayamma belonged to the Lingayat community. He was named after the presiding deity of a Shaivite temple built by Siddalingeshwara at Yediyur in Tumkur district of Karnataka. His mother died when he was four. He completed his education with a degree in Bachelor of Arts.
In 1965, he was appointed first-division clerk in the social welfare department but instead shifted to Shikaripur where he joined as a clerk at Veerabhadra Shastri’s Shankar rice mill. In 1967, Yeddyurappa married Mythradevi, the daughter of the rice mill owner. He later set up a hardware shop in Shimoga. Yeddyurappa has two sons, Raghavendra and Vijayendra and three daughters, Arunadevi, Padmavati and Umadevi. In 2004, his wife died after falling into and drowning in a nearby well.

Yeddyurappa’s stint in public life began when he was appointed secretary of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Shikaripur unit in 1970. In 1972, he was elected President of the Taluk unit of the Jan Sangh. In 1975, he was elected President of the Town Municipality of Shikaripur. He was imprisoned during the Emergency in India between 1975 and 1977 and lodged in the Bellary and Shimoga jails. In 1980, he was appointed President of the Shikaripur taluk unit of the BJP and he later went on to become the president of BJP’s Shimoga district unit in 1985. In 1988, he became the President of the BJP unit of the state of Karnataka. He was first elected to the lower house of Karnataka Legislature in 1983 and has since represented the Shikaripur constituency six times. He has been a member of the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Twelfth and Thirteenth Legislative Assemblies (lower house) of Karnataka. In the Tenth Assembly, he was chosen Leader of Opposition. In 1999, he lost the elections but was nominated by the BJP to become a member of the legislative council (upper house) of Karnataka.
He rose to prominence when he helped Janata Dal (Secular) party’s H. D. Kumaraswamy to bring down the coalition government of Dharam Singh. Kumaraswamy formed the government with the help of the BJP in Karnataka headed by Yeddyurappa. A deal was struck between the JD(S) and BJP, which specified that H. D. Kumaraswamy would be the Chief Minister for the first 20 months, after which Yeddyurappa would become the Chief Minister for the remaining 20 months of the current tenure of the Legislature. Yeddyurappa was nominated as the Deputy Chief Minister as well as the finance minister in Kumaraswamy’s Government.
However in October 2007, when Yeddyurappa’s turn of becoming the Chief Minister was supposed to start, Kumaraswamy refused to resign from the post of the Chief Minister. This forced Yeddyurappa and all of the ministers from his party to resign and on 5 October, he met the governor and formally withdrew the BJP’s support from the government. Karnataka was put under President’s rule which was revoked on 7 November. During the period of the President’s rule, the JD(S) and the BJP decided to bury their differences and this paved the way for Yeddyurappa to become the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Yeddyurappa was sworn in as the 25th Chief Minister of Karnataka on 12 November 2007. However, JD(S) refused to support his government over disagreement on sharing of ministries which made him resign from his post on 19 November 2007.
In Karnataka’s 2008 Assembly elections, Yeddyurappa contested from Shikaripura against the Samajwadi Party’s S. Bangarappa, another ex-Chief Minister. The Indian National Congress and JD(S) did not field a candidate in the constituency and backed Bangarappa, but despite this, Yeddyurappa won the seat by a margin over 45,000 votes. He took the oath of office as Chief Minister on 30 May 2008.
In December 2008, Yeddyurappa was conferred an Honorary Doctorate by Saginaw Valley State University, USA

He had to resign on July 31st due to allegations on him by Congress stooge, the then Lokayukta Santhosh Hegde.

Wish him a very Happu Birthday. God bless you sir.


Mangalore: Hindus Protest Aganist Communal Violence Bill | India Wires

In karnataka on November 23, 2011 at 4:23 pm

Read here Mangalore: Hindus Protest Aganist Communal Violence Bill | India Wires.

mangalore-communal-violence-bill-protest (10)

“Sonia Gandhi is trying to bring a law which not even the worst dictators in the history of the world could come up with. The law is completely “uncivilized”,  RSS leader Dr Kalladka Prabhakara Bhat said.

He was addressing a huge protest against proposed bill Communal and Targeted violence prevention act 2011held today at Kendra Maidan, Mangalore.

An “underwear” near the cross, manglore church attack, new twist

In expose media, karnataka on November 15, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Here is a shocking twist to the alleged church attack in Mangalore: the act of vandalism was the violent repercussion of repressed lust and libido. The attacker, Shibu, a locallite bus conductor shared an amorous and sexual relationship with a nun. With their illicit activities being exposed and spreading like wild fire amongst inmates, stiff opposition followed. This infuriated Shibu. What followed was the destruction of the statues of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ.

via Church Attack in Mangalore: Repressed Lust and Shocking Realities | India Wires.

‘Do you think the Christians will not fight back? “Asks Justice M F Saldanha”

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‘Do you think the Christians will not fight back?’ – Rediff.com News.



Is there a change in the manner the Christians in Karnataka feel today after all these incidents?

That is my biggest worry. Do you really think the Christians will not fight back if they are terrorised this way every now and then? What do we gain at the end of it? Reaction and counter reaction. It will be absolute chaos; this is very bad in the larger interest of the state. Safety of a community being threatened is secondary, but the repercussions are what we must worry about.

Separatist Seminar cancelled following BhagatSinghKrantiSena warning against it!!

In karnataka on November 5, 2011 at 11:41 am

Frustrated follower attacked a manglore chrurch

In karnataka on November 5, 2011 at 1:23 am

Recent attack on St Alphonsa’s Church near Kankanady, Mangalore turning out to be an act of frustrated follower of the church depressed after he fails to get solutions for his problems. The man, identified as Shibu from Jalligudde, had barged into the prayer hall, despite the efforts of those present at the time, he went on destroying the property of the church, including the statues.

Local people say that Shibu, a conductor in a private bus, was a regular visitor to the church. For the last two months he was at home since he was suffering from constant stomach ache. His younger brother Sijju had caught in a bike theft case few months back. He was also perturbed by that incident and was ashamed even to go out.

Shibu used to pray intensely to get rid of his poverty and Stomach ache recently, but it went too worse and he fell in to lot more problems. Bacause of all these, it is said that he got more frustrated and vent his anger on the church.

Meanwhile, Bishop of Beltangady diocese Dr Lawrence Mukkuzhy has condemned the attack and said, “We who are living in this country belong to various religions and everyone has the right to practise their religion.  The incident of vandalism in the church deeply upset us. It is a shameful act which is against the Constitution of India.”

Following the attack on church, police commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh denied permission to Sri Rama Sene chief Pramod Mutalik to conduct a press meet in Mangalore

via Mangalore Church Attack: Act of Frustrated Follower? | India Wires.

HD Kumaraswamy holds a press conference to tell that his family is not guilty of Irregularities in UKP.

In karnataka on October 29, 2011 at 4:51 pm

Former chief minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy yesterday held a press conference in Bengaluru regarding the FIR filed in Vidhan Soudha Police Station regarding irregularities in the Upper Krishna Project that was executed during his father, former PM HD Devegowda’s tenure as CM. But the fact was the FIR filed by Dy SP of the CID wing of Karnataka police doesn’t name anyone. But Shri Shri KumaraSwamy was very quick to explain that his father did no wrong. What does this indicate?? Is he and his father guilty of what they did 14 years back??  They are being haunted by the Upper Krishna Project. Devegowda instead of inviting tenders for the project, gave piece works to different companies. Also, Kumaraswamy dared the CID Police officials not to interfere in Devegowda’s family’s works. He publicly threatened CID police chief thet he would not be spared. He was indirectly hinting at Shankar Bidri, CID Police Chief. Shouldn’t Kumaraswamy be arrested for publicly threatening a person, that too a senior IPS officer?? 

Former Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa arrested. But is he reallt the culptit??

In expose media, karnataka, liligal mining on October 15, 2011 at 6:41 pm

Today the Lokayukta Court in Karnataka remanded BS Yediyurappa to judicial custody till 22nd October regarding two private complaints filed by Sirajin Pasha, a lawyer. Yediyurappa failed to get bail in these two cases from the court and an arrest warrant was issued. Yediyurappa then surrendered himself. But is he really the culprit?? I am not saying Yediyurappa is not corrupt nor am I defending his actions. But why only Yediyurappa?? He used the discretionary powers vested with him to denltify lands and also to allot sites to certain private companies, some being controlled by his sons and also his son in law. It might be recalled that the Governor, also a promonent Congress Figure HR Bharadwaj had given permission for Yediyurappa’s prosecution mid-January-early this year. His predecessors SM Krishna, Dharam Singh, Kumaraswamy too had done the same thing. They had alloted sites and also denotified LARGE TRACT OF LANDS in favour of their kith and kin, their wives or in favor of their son-in-laws and they are walking FREE.. But only Yediyurappa is victimized. Why? Is that because he is from BJP-Sangh Parivar-Hindu?? Also the biased nature of the Indian media towards BJP adds to Yediyurappa’s arrest. SM Krishna had denotified LARGE TRACTS OF LAND in favour of his family when he was the CM which was revealed by the then JDS State Prez Siddaramaiah who is now with Congress and floor leader in the assembly. Same with Dharam Singh. Kumarawamy, son of Former PM Devegowda too had denotified LARGE TRACTS OF LANDS in favor of his family. In fact the districts of Hassan and Ramanagar have turned to be the private properties of Devegowda and family. Also in the Lokayukta Report on Illegal Mining, Yediyurappa has been falsely indicted. The then Lokayukta Justice Santhosh Hegde has let off SM Krishna, the one who blessed Illegal mining in Karnataka and also Dharam Singh, both of the Congress. It may be recalled that the same Santhosh Hegde had named Dharam Singh in his interim report which was later deleted by the then Governor Rameshwar Thakur. another Congress agent. What does this indicate? Santhosh Hegde covers Congress. Also when there was rumours of SM Krishna being named in yhe report, Mr. Hegde calls a press meet to clarify that Krishna is not named. What does this mean?? May be he didn’t want to face the ire of the self–proclaimed First family, Sonia Gandhi. Is he eyeing post retirement benefits from the Congress?? I mean President post?? Amidst all these political High Drama, poor chap BS Yediyurappa has to pay the price.

Karnataka BJP MLC N. Shankarappa resigns, Hon. CM D.V. Sadananda Gowda to occupy the seat.

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Bengaluru: To pave the way for Hon. Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda to become the member of the legislative council, BJP MLC from Raichur, N. Shankarappa voluntarily resigned from his seat and the same has been accepted by Hon. Chairman, Karnataka Legislative Council, Shri D.H. Shankaramurthy. As per the rules of the Constitution Of India, a person has to get elected to either of the houses of the Legislature when he/she is inducted into the Council Of Ministries. This makes Sadananda Gowda the first CM of state to be from The Legislative Council.  Also N. Shankarappa will be appointed as Chairman of  The Backward Classes Commision. A notification regarding this is expected anytime soon.

Nine Arrested for BBMP Congress Corporator’s Murder.

In expose media, karnataka on October 11, 2011 at 8:48 am

Exactly 10 days ago, a Congress corporator, S. Nataraj representing Gandhinagar ward in BBMP was hacked to death in broad daylight by unknown miscreants. Without investigating the ground realities, some local media started reporting that BJP men recently had a verbal duel with the corporator over a building issue and so BJP might be behind his death. But the preliminary investigation by Bengaluru City Police and arrest of the 9 Suspects reveal that JDS Party of Former PM HD DeveGowda is behind this murder case. JDS Party Member R. Murugan had lost to S. Nataraj of Congress in last year’s BBMP Polls. But Pseudo-Sickular, anti-BJP Media self proclaimed that BJP was behind the murder. This once again proves the corrupt practices of Paid Media Groups. It may also be noted that a JDS Corporator who doubled as a Rowdy, Diwan Ali representing Banashankari Temple ward in the BBMP was murdered by another Muslim linked to Congress, who later contested the bypoll necessitated on a Congress Ticket, directly from Bellary Jail and lost to BJP’s Basavaraj.