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Crowd & connect at LK yatra finale

In New Delhi on November 21, 2011 at 7:31 am

The turnout at the Ramlila Maidan appeared only slightly short of the crowd Anna Hazare’s fast had drawn as L.K. Advani ended his 40-day Jan Chetna Yatra here this afternoon.

The connect between the speakers and the audience too was unmistakable for the first time in years, ever since the BJP had lost the Delhi Assembly polls in 1997. The slogans sounded throatier and the claps and cheers more animated.

“I have seen many meetings at the Ramlila but never such a gathering,” Advani said.

With the BJP-controlled civic body headed for an election in 2012, local party chief Vijendra Gupta had apparently told the councillors that their ability to muster crowds would be a pre-requisite for re-nomination.

Although the yatra, which traversed 22 states and five Union territories, often got mired in controversies, Advani claimed it had been more memorable than past ones, including his Ram Rath Yatra in the 1990s.

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Agnivesh grabs prime plots,Sunday Guardian report

In New Delhi on November 15, 2011 at 1:16 pm

gnivesh, a former member of Anna Hazare’s team, is illegally occupying prime property in the heart of the national capital’s Lutyens’ Bungalow Zone. He has been staying at 7, Jantar Mantar Road without paying any rent for two decades, alleges Viresh Pratap Choudhary, the managing trustee of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Trust (SVBPT), which owns the property. The SVBPT sub-lets the various quarters that comprise the property.

“Former PM Chandrashekhar requested me to accommodate Swami Agnivesh for a few days. But he never moved out,” Choudhary alleged. “He told me, sadhu log jaha jaate hai, wahi bas jaate hai (monks settle down wherever they go),” said Choudhary.

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M’shtra generates maximum suspicious transaction reports

In link, Maharashtra, National, New Delhi on October 30, 2011 at 5:52 am
New Delhi, Oct 30, (PTI) :
Maharashtra tops the chart for generating the maximum number of reports relating to dubious banking transactions and terror financing in the last four financial years, says a government report.
Maharashtra is followed by Delhi in generating suspicious transaction reports (STRs), according to a report prepared by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), the national agency for receiving, analysing and disseminating information relating to doubtful financial transactions.

This is the first time FIU has released its report on analysis of STRs.
Maharashtra leads the pack among all states and Union Territories and accounted for an overall share of 29 per cent of such reports, followed by Delhi at 12.1 per cent, for 2006-2010 period.

The overall percentage of other states, which collected and dispatched STRs to the national FIU is as follows: West Bengal (7.3 per cent), Gujarat (6 per cent), Uttar Pradesh (6 per cent), Tamil Nadu (5.7 per cent), Punjab (5.1 per cent), Karnataka (4.7 per cent), Andhra Pradesh (4.4 per cent) and Haryana (3.5 per cent).

“Maharashtra, the financial capital of India, has a dominant share in STRs from banking sector (24 per cent), which is in line with its share in the account balance (25.4 per cent),” the FIU said in its latest report for 2006-2010 period.

The state also leads the chart for the maximum number of STRs in the insurance and mutual funds sector with 27.3 per cent and 55.5 per cent, respectively during the same period. The national capital maintained second position in all the sectors.

“Maharashtra leads the overall tally of generating suspicious reports by the virtue of its burgeoning businesses and financial transactions every day. The STR regime, however, still needs to be strengthened in all states including Maharashtra,” a senior Finance Ministry official said.

All these reports are under various stages of investigation by enforcement and intelligence agencies. All STRs do not actually pertain to a criminal activity or illegal transaction. STRs are sent to FIU based on certain parameters which need to be further verified by concerned probe agencies, the official said.

Maharashtra maintained a steady tally of being a topper over the last five years with 41.6 per cent (2006-07), 38.5 per cent (2007-08), 30.6 per cent (2008-09) and 24.3 per cent (2009-10).

Delhi had the corresponding figures of 9.2 per cent, 11 per cent, 11.4 per cent and 13 per cent

“Delhi has a relatively smaller share in STRs from the insurance sector (5.1 per cent) as compared to its share of STRs from the banking sector (13.1 per cent) while it has a relatively smaller share from the mutual fund sector (4.9 per cent) as compared banking sector,” the report said.

The other states which figure in the STRs report are Kerala (3 per cent), Madhya Pradesh (1.9 per cent), Rajasthan (1.9 per cent), Chandigarh (1.2 per cent), Bihar (1.1 per cent) and Chhattisgarh (1.1 per cent).

An STR relates to a transaction which gives rise to suspicion that it may involve proceeds of an offense specified under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) or appears to be made in circumstances of unusual or unjustified complexity or appears to have no economic rationale or bona fide purpose or gives rise to a reasonable ground of suspicion that it may involve financing of terrorism.

The FIU has received more than 17,000 STRs since 2006 when the government made it mandatory for financial institutions to generate STRs and send to them to the apex body which comes under the Union Finance Ministry. It has intelligence and enforcement agencies like the CBI, DRI, Intelligence Bureau, Enforcement Directorate and the Income Tax investigations department as its clients for such reports.

The FIU received a total of 817 STRs in 2006-07, 1,916 in 2007-08, 4,409 in 2008-09 and 10,067 in 2009-10.


Courtesy: Deccan Herald- PTI News

भारतीय सेना के चीता हेलीकॉप्टर लौटाने की असल कहानी

In Exclusive, International, islam, National, New Delhi on October 28, 2011 at 6:34 am

खराब मौसम की वजह से भारतीय सेना का एक हेलीकॉप्टर रविवार को पाकिस्तान के कब्जे वाले कश्मीर (पीओके) में गलती से पहुंच गया। भारतीय वायुसेना का चीता हेलीकॉप्टर दोपहर करीब एक बजे रास्ता भटककर नियंत्रण रेखा के दूसरी तरफ पहुंच गया। पाकिस्तानी सेना ने अपने दो लड़ाकू विमानों को उड़ाकर हेलीकॉप्टर को स्काई इलाके में उतरने पर मजबूर कर दिया। हेलीकॉप्टर में सवार चारों भारतीयों से करीब चार घंटे तक पूछताछ की गई और उन्हें छोड़ दिया। शाम करीब छह बजे दो मेजर (पायलट, सह-पायलट) एक ले. कर्नल और एक जूनियर कमीशंड अधिकारी वापस कारगिल पहुंचे। घटना की जानकारी मिलते ही भारत के सैन्य अभियानों के महानिदेशक (डीजीएमओ) सक्रिय हो गए और मामले को सुलझाने के लिए हॉट लाइन पर अपने पाकिस्तानी समकक्ष से बात की। पाकिस्तान ने भारत का चीता हेलीकॉप्टर वापस करके सारी दुनिया में अपनी नेकनीयती का संदेश देने का प्रयास किया। उसने यह दिखाने की कोशिश की है कि इतने तनाव के बाद भी वह मानवता का तकाजा नहीं भूला और भारत को उसके इस कदम की सराहना करनी चाहिए। हम पाकिस्तान का इस बात के लिए तो शुक्रिया अदा करना चाहते हैं कि उसने हमारी गलती को समझा और हमारे सैनिक व हेलीकॉप्टर को सही सलामत छोड़ दिया पर पाकिस्तान द्वारा भारतीय हेलीकॉप्टर को छोड़ने के पीछे असल कहानी और है। सेना सूत्रों का कहना है कि पाकिस्तान ने हमारा हेलीकॉप्टर मुख्यत दो कारणों से वापस किया। पहलाöहेलीकॉप्टर में कुल चार सवारियां थीं और इस बात की कोई सम्भावना नहीं थी कि कोई पांचवां आदमी हेलीकॉप्टर में रहा हो जो जासूसी करने के लिए बीच में कहीं उतारा हो और दूसरी बात कि चीता हेलीकॉप्टर में जासूसी करने के लिए कोई उपकरण नहीं थे। हेलीकॉप्टर कोई जासूसी मिशन पर नहीं था। दरअसल हेलीकॉप्टर लेह से बिमबांट (द्रास सैक्टर) में एक मेंटेनेंस मिशन पर था खराब मौसम की वजह से भटक गया था। कहा गया है कि हेलीकॉप्टर को पाकिस्तान ने नेकनीयती की वजह से नहीं बल्कि अमेरिका के दखल के बाद छोड़ा था। एक खबरिया चैनल के सूत्रों के हवाले से दावा किया गया है कि भारतीय सेना के वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों ने अमेरिका से पूरे मामले में दखल देने को कहा था। अमेरिका ने पाकिस्तान पर दबाव बनाया। अन्त में भारत और पाकिस्तान के वरिष्ठ सैन्य अधिकारियों ने आपस में बात की, जिसके बाद संकट का हल निकला और चीता हेलीकॉप्टर वापस भारत आया। दिलचस्प और चौंकाने वाली बात यह भी है कि जिस पाकिस्तान आर्टिलेरी हेलीपैड (नम्बर 90) पर जो एलओसी के बिल्कुल करीब बनाया गया है, के बारे में भारतीय सेना को कोई जानकारी ही नहीं थी। हमें यह भी पता नहीं था कि एलओसी के इतने करीब पाक सेना ने कब यह हेलीपैड बनाया। खैर! खबर है कि पाकिस्तान ने उस चीता हेलीकॉप्टर का जीपीएस डाटा चुरा लिया। बताया जा रहा है कि इस डाटा में बहुत महत्वपूर्ण जानकारियां थीं। यह भारतीय सुरक्षा की दृष्टि से बहुत महत्वपूर्ण थी। डाटा के हेलीकॉप्टर से भारत के तमाम हेलीपैड के सम्पर्प का ब्यौरा था। डाटा में 14वीं कोर के क्षेत्र में आने वाले सेना के सभी हेलीपैड का कोड नेम और कूट संकेत भी दर्ज था। भारतीय सेना के वरिष्ठ अधिकारी चीता हेलीकॉप्टर के चालक दल से पूछताछ कर रहे हैं। सवाल यह है कि जब हेलीकॉप्टर में जीपीएस लगा हुआ था तो वह कैसे रास्ते से भटक गया? शर्मनाक तो यह है कि चीता हेलीकॉप्टर एलओसी के पार मैरोल सैक्टर के जिस हेलीपैड पर उतरा (पाक आर्टिलेरी नम्बर 90), वह कारगिल सैक्टर से सटा है। इसके बावजूद भारतीय सेना को इसकी जानकारी नहीं थी। शुरुआती जांच से यह भी पता चलता है कि पाकिस्तान का हेलीकॉप्टर को जबरन उतारने के लिए मजबूर करने का दावा भी गलत है। न तो भारतीय चालक दल को पता था कि उन्होंने हेलीकॉप्टर कहां उतारा है और न ही पाकिस्तान को इसकी भनक लगी थी। सूत्रों के मुताबिक 14वीं कोर के कमांडर लेफ्टिनेंट जनरल रवि दस्ताने रविवार की सुबह कारगिल के पास दौरे पर जाने के लिए निकले थे। उनके एडवांस्ड लाइट हेलीकॉप्टर (एएलएच) में कोई तकनीकी खराब आ गई और उसे उतारना पड़ा। दस्ताने को दूसरे हेलीकॉप्टर से श्रीनगर ले जाया गया। एएलएच को ठीक करने के लिए मेंटेनेंस इंजीनियर को लेकर चीता ने उड़ान भरी। बाकी की कहानी तो आपको पता ही नहीं। असल में क्या हुआ इसका शायद ही सही पता चले?

Youth Congress using ‘National Emblem’ for political purpose ?

In New Delhi on October 13, 2011 at 7:42 am

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Shiela Dikshit and Imam Bukhari instigated mob to trespass on govt land : RWA

In New Delhi on October 12, 2011 at 6:30 am

A day after a group of people reoccupied the site of a mosque demolished by DDA in Jangpura under court orders, the residents’ welfare association moved Delhi high court, seeking contempt action against chief minister Sheila Dikshit, Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari and a few others.

Appalled by the official paralysis on display over the issue, the RWA has in its petition , filed on Saturday, accused Dikshit and Bukhari of instigating a mob to trespass on government land reclaimed by DDA after razing the illegal mosque and offering prayers there. Delhi Police got into the act belatedly and registered a case of trespassing at the Nizamuddin police station after receiving a formal complaint from DDA that there was “some sort of construction and squatting” at the disputed site. A case of rioting has already been lodged.


On Saturday, through its counsel, R K Saini, the RWA also sought initiation of suo motu contempt proceedings against Shoaib Iqbal, MLA of Matia Mahal constituency, and Asif Mohd Khan, who represents Okhla in the assembly, besides the CM and Bukhari.

Invoking a famous SC ruling (‘ Be that you may be as high, the law is above you’ ), the RWA has urged the high court to take strong action against those named. It alleged that all those named, “by their actions and words, scandalized and lowered the authority of the court, interfered with the due course of judicial process, interfered and obstructed the administration of justice and brought into disrepute the honour , majesty and authority of the law and the courts.”

The petitioners underlined the failure of DDA and Delhi Police to fence off the area after removing the encroachments despite an HC order earlier that any area once rid of encroachers ought to be immediately fenced off to prevent re-encroachment.

According to the RWA, the structure was built “illegally” on DDA land which was earmarked for construction of a community centre. After HC took a strong view of DDA’s apathy, the agency had earlier this week demolished the mosque leading to tension in the locality.

This forced the police to resort to lathicharge and teargassing to disperse the protesters . Just a day before, on Friday, hours before the mob took charge, the DDA had sought dropping of contempt proceedings against it in HC, filing a status report which said the illegal mosque had been demolished and land reclaimed .

Justice G S Sistani took the report on record and deferred the hearing of the matter to March 1. But, the RWA informed HC in its plea that prayers were offered there and that the site was now being occupied continuously by about 100 persons at the instance of the CM, Shahi Imam and other local politicians, which amounts to interfering in the administration of justice, it alleged. On Friday, a group of hundreds of protesters allegedly breached barricades put up by DDA and tried to rebuilt a temporary structure using tin sheets and bricks at the site of demolished mosque.

The contempt application is likely to be heard on Monday.

via RWA wants CM, Imam hit for contempt on Jangpura – Times Of India.

Gandhi family loyalist joins PMO

In New Delhi on October 3, 2011 at 4:42 pm


Pulok Chatterjee

Chatterjee, known for his allegiance to the ‘first family’ of the Congress, will replace T K A Nair as the principal secretary to the prime minister on Monday. Nair, however, will continue in the PMO as an advisor to the prime minister for about a month to ensure a smooth transition.

A 1975-batch Indian Administrative Service officer, Chatterjee was an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, when she was the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha during the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led coalition’s stint in power at the Centre. He is also underst­o­od to have overseen all ar­rangements for Gandhi’s rec­e­nt treatment in an un­disc­l­osed healthcare facility in the US.

Chatterjee has been an Executive Director for India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka at the World Bank in Washington DC. His term at the World Bank was scheduled to end in 2012, but he was asked to come back to New Delhi and take up the new assignment, ostensibly because Gandhi hers­elf wanted him to be at the PMO.

He is taking over as the principal secretary to the prime minister at a time when the beleaguered Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government is drawing flak from the BJP and other opposition parties, not only for a series of scams ranging from 2G spectrum allocations in 2007 to preparations for 2010 Commonwealth Games, but also for failing to rein in inflation.

The Prime Minister’s Office itself has come under shadow after the opposition parties targeted Singh for failing to preempt the 2G scam.

Chatterjee’s association with the Gandhis dates back to the 1980s, when the bureaucrat was appointed as the district magistrate of Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Amethi, then the parliamentary constituency of Sanjay Gandhi, had been a part of Sultanpur and the all powerful son of the then prime minister Indira Gandhi had as­ked the then chief minister V P Singh to appoint a dynamic bureaucrat at the helm of the district administration. His inte­g­r­ity and low-key style of wo­rking endeared him to Ra­jiv Gandhi, who succeeded Sa­njay as an MP from Amethi aft­er the latter’s death in June, 1983.

Chatterjee later worked in the PMO during Rajiv’s tenure as prime minister. He later se­rved in the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and, after his stint as the OSD to Sonia Gandhi, moved to the PMO when Manmohan Singh took over as the prime minister in 2004.

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Govt’s attitude “Unfair and Unfortunate” : SC

In New Delhi on October 1, 2011 at 10:35 am

Terming government’s attitude as “unfair and unfortunate,” the Supreme Court on Friday directed the Delhi police to furnish the postmortem and medical reports to the family of Raj Bala who died of injuries during police action on Yoga guru Ramdev’s protest at Ramlila Grounds.

A bench of justices B S Chauhan and Swatanter Kumar passed the direction after counsel Kumud L Das counsel for Raj Bala’ s family told the court that the family was running from pillar to post for obtaining the post mortem and medical reports but Delhi police were not cooperating.

“It is very unfair and unfortunate on your part. You give the postmortem and medical reports to the family,” the bench told Delhi police and government counsel present.

The apex court also asked Delhi police to respond to the affidavit by Raj Bala’s son Anil Malik who claimed his mother had suffered serious injuries in the police lathicharge and died as a result of it.

“Because of her severe injury caused by the police personnel, she was taken to the emergency ward of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash (LNJP) Hospital, Delhi, and was admitted there.

“My mother told me that when she was on the stage of Ramlila Maidan with Swami Ramdev, police had beaten people who were on the stage, including her, with lathis and slaps, because of which she fell on the stage and became unconscious.

“I further submit that I and my family members present with me saw the injuries caused by lathis on her waist and feet and we got her X-Ray and C.T. Scan done,”the affidavit stated.

The bench later posted the matter for further hearing to October 17.

The apex court had on June 6 taken suo motu cognisance of the police action and asked the Centre and Delhi Police to explain why it resorted to such an action in the middle of the night against the yoga guru and his followers.

Delhi Police, in its affidavit on the pre-dawn swoop at Ramlila Maidan, denied the allegation that it had used force to evict the yoga guru and his supporters from the site and claimed teargas shells were fired only after Ramdev’s supporters turned violent and pelted stones on the police.

Justifying its action, police had said the authorities granted permission to Ramdev to use the ground only to hold a yoga camp and not for any other purpose.

via Give Raj Bala`s autopsy report to family: SC.